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Bull Riding Hall of Fame
Bull riding hall of fame logo.jpg
Established 2012
Location Cowtown Coliseum
Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth, Texas
Type Hall of Fame

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame, located at the Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas, is a hall of fame for the sport of bull riding. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Texas, and created to "recognize, memorialize, and applaud the bull riders, bullfighters, bulls, stock contractors, events, and individuals who have had a made a historic contribution and attained stellar performance in the sport." Membership is open to fans worldwide.

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame intends to honor all of the bull riding champions. But the hall also has other goals to preserve the history of bull riding, housing "inductee exhibits, accomplishments, photos, videos, personal effects and much more". The Bull Riding Hall of Fame has four categories of induction: Bull Riders, Bull Fighters, Bulls, and Legends.

The inaugural class of inductions started in 2015. The hall opened its doors to the public in 2016.


The founders created the Bull Riding Hall of Fame, Inc., "to recognize bull riders, bull fighters, bulls, organizations, competitive events, and stock contractors that have achieved the ultimate level of performance in the sport of bull riding." The organization's activities include historical presentation, visitor education, event hosting, and managing via multiple committees.

The founders were involved in overseeing the building of the foundation hall, and also maintaining the Bull Riding Hall of Fame museum at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth. Husband and wife team, Bill and Tammi Putnam, were founding members and respectively served as president and treasurer. Bill Putnam's daughter, Amy Ellinger, served as secretary.


The Bull Riding Hall of Fame Museum is located at Cowtown Coliseum, Fort Worth Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas.

One group of nominees is inducted into the hall each year. Inductees are selected by the nominations and votes of Annual Members, Lifetime Member, Sponsor, Memorial/In Honor Donors, and Friend of the Hall Supporters. Annual and Lifetime memberships are available for individual or couples. Sponsors can be an individual, couple, organization, or corporation.

List of Inductees

The inductees, human and animal, are among the most notable individuals and organizations in the sport.

More than half of them are also inductees of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, including bullfighter Wick Peth. Others include PRCA bull rider Lane Frost, famous for his duel with Red Rock in the Challenge of the Champions.

From the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) there are several Ring of Honor holders from the Heroes and Legends Celebration which is the PBR equivalent of a Hall of Fame. Chris Shivers is still the holder of many records in the PBR and a 2013 Ring of Honor holder. Another Ring of Honor holder is bull rider Tuff Hedeman, one of the riders who conquered Bodacious. Hedeman competed in the PBR and the PRCA. He is also in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

Out of the three bulls that have been inducted as of 2017, two of them are also in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Tornado was inducted in 1979. Bodacious was inducted in 1999. Bodacious was the only bull to win the PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year and the PBR World Champion Bull in 1995, until Bruiser did it in 2017.

2015 Inaugural Inductees

Inductee Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category
Don Gay September 8, 1953 Living Bull Rider
Jim Shoulders May 13, 1928 June 20, 2007 Bull Rider
Warren G. Brown January 18, 1921 March 20, 1987 Bull Rider
Harry Tompkins October 5, 1927 June 29, 2018 Bull Rider
George Paul March 3, 1947 July 30, 1970 Bull Rider
Larry Mahan November 21, 1943 Living Bull Rider
Skipper Voss 1944 Bull Fighter
Wick Peth April 15, 1930 December 27, 2019 Bull Fighter
George Paul Memorial Bull Riding N/A N/A Legend
Mesquite Rodeo - Neal Gay N/A N/A Legend
V-61 Circa 1962 1974 Bull


2016 Inductees

So Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category
Myrtis Dightman May 7, 1935 Living Bull Rider
John Quintana December 3, 1947 March 25, 2013 Bull Rider
Gary Leffew September 23, 1944 Living Bull Rider
Jim "Razor" Sharp October 6, 1965 Living Bull Rider
Terry Don West 1965 Living Bull Rider
Jack Wiseman Bull Rider
Tuff Hedeman March 2, 1963 Living Bull Rider
Kajun Kidd (D. J. Gaudin) October 28, 1929 June 11, 2015 Bull Fighter
Harry Void January 29, 1924 March 13, 2017 Legend
Steiner Rodeo Co. N/A N/A Legend
Tornado 1957 1972 Bull


2017 Inductees

Inductee Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category
Denny Flynn April 21, 1951 Living Bull Rider
Bill Kornell Bull Rider
Dick Griffith 1913 August 10, 1984 Bull Rider
Chris Shivers December 30, 1978 Living Bull Rider
Randy Magers Bull Rider
Lane Frost October 12, 1963 July 30, 1989 Bull Rider
Rob Smets September 11, 1959 Living Bull Fighter
Clem McSpadden November 9, 1925 July 7, 2008 Legend
Bob Tallman October 25, 1947 Living Legend
Bodacious 1988 May 16, 2000 Bull


2018 Inductees

Inductee Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category
Ronnie Rossen July 7, 1937 August 16, 1991 Bull Rider
Ty Murray October 11, 1969 Living Bull Rider
Glen Bird Bull Rider
Wacey Cathey Living Bull Rider
Jerome Davis August 10, 1972 Living Bull Rider
Ted Nuce January 19, 1961 Living Bull Rider
Bob Wegner March 10, 1934 March 30, 2014 Bull Rider
Miles Hare August 17, 1955 Living Bull Fighter
Ferrell Butler 1936 Legend
Cotton Rosser Flying U Rodeo N/A N/A Legend
Oscar 1983 Bull


2019 Inductees

Inductee Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category
Butch Kirby Bull Rider
Charlie Sampson July 2, 1957 Living Bull Rider
Bobby Steiner Living Bull Rider
Jerome Robinson Living Bull Rider
Ken Roberts January 22, 1918 September 13, 1975 Bull Rider
Bobby Berger June 22, 1945 Living Bull Rider
Cody Custer August 30, 1965 Living Bull Rider
Leon Coffee October 11, 1954 Living Bull Fighter
Beutler Rodeo Company N/A N/A Legend
Jerry Gustafson Legend
161 Speck Bull


2020 Inductees

Inductee Birthdate Deathdate Induction Category Refs
Bobby Delvecchio 1957 Bull Rider
Justin McBride August 7, 1979 Bull Rider
Marvin Paul Shoulders 1951 Bull Rider
Doug Brown March 8, 1946 Bull Rider
Sandy Kirby Bull Rider
Smokey Snyder June 1, 1908 October 24, 1965 Bull Rider
Adriano Moraes April 20, 1970 Bull Rider
Joe Baumgartner September 9, 1966 Bull Fighter
Lecile Harris November 6, 1936 February 12, 2020 Legend
Hadley Barrett September 18, 1929 March 2, 2017 Legend
Bushwacker June 1, 2006 Bull


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