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This box shows the color burgundy.
This box shows the color vivid burgundy.

Burgundy is a deep shade of red. It is named after Burgundy wine. This wine is named after the Burgundy region of France.

Meaning of burgundy

  • Burgundy is a popular colour in both men's and women's fashion, for furniture and for linens.
  • In cosmetology, a brighter shade of burgundy called "vivid burgundy" is used for dyeing hair. [1]
  • Venezuela's athletes traditionally wear burgundy uniforms in international competitions.

Because of this people give them the nickname "Red Wine".

  • The colour burgundy is also the colour of Blackpool F.C.'s third team kit. This was chosen by Latvian owner Valeri Belekon, who wanted a kit which looked like the colour on the flag of Latvia.

Tones of burgundy colour comparison chart

Name Colour HEX Code Red Green Blue Hue Sat Lum Source
Light Burgundy #BC5235 188 82 53 013° 56% 47% colour list (Burgundy Light)
Vivid Burgundy #9F1D35 159 29 35 349° 69% 37%
Burgundy #800020 128 0 32 345° 100% 25% Maerz & Paul
Deep Burgundy #770f05 119 15 5 005° 92% 24% colour list (Burgundy)
Medium Burgundy #63313A 99 49 58 349° 34% 29%
Dark Burgundy #43302E 67 31 26 006° 19% 22% ISCC-NBS

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