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California Historical Landmarks in Solano County facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Solano County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Benicia Arsenal
176 Benicia Arsenal Adams and Jefferson Sts.
38°03′15″N 122°08′08″W / 38.054036°N 122.135561°W / 38.054036; -122.135561 (Benicia Arsenal)
Benicia Also on the NRHP list as NPS-76000534
177 Benicia Barracks Francesca Terrace Park
38°03′23″N 122°08′17″W / 38.056283°N 122.138067°W / 38.056283; -122.138067 (Benicia Barracks)
Benicia Capitol
153 Benicia Capitol 1st and G Sts.
38°03′01″N 122°09′28″W / 38.050278°N 122.157778°W / 38.050278; -122.157778 (Benicia Capitol)
Benicia Lodge No. 5
174 Benicia Lodge No. 5 110 W. J. St.
38°03′09″N 122°09′27″W / 38.052383°N 122.157383°W / 38.052383; -122.157383 (Benicia Lodge No. 5)
795 Benicia Seminary City park
38°03′14″N 122°09′23″W / 38.053967°N 122.156417°W / 38.053967; -122.156417 (Benicia Seminary)
175 First Presbyterian Church of Benicia Benicia City Park
38°03′13″N 122°09′26″W / 38.053533°N 122.157133°W / 38.053533; -122.157133 (First Presbyterian Church of Benicia)
First U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific
751 First U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific Mare Island Naval Shipyard
38°05′24″N 122°15′48″W / 38.09°N 122.263333°W / 38.09; -122.263333 (First U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific)
Vallejo Also on the NRHP list as NPS-75002103
880 Fischer-Hanlon House 135 W. G. St.
38°03′01″N 122°09′32″W / 38.0502°N 122.158967°W / 38.0502; -122.158967 (Fischer-Hanlon House)
574 Former California State Capitol Vallejo Station
973 Matthew Turner Shipyard Park Matthew Turner Shipyard Park
38°03′44″N 122°10′45″W / 38.0623°N 122.17925°W / 38.0623; -122.17925 (Matthew Turner Shipyard Park)
Rockville Stone Chapel
779 Rockville Stone Chapel Rockville Cemetery, Suisun Valley Rd.
38°14′50″N 122°07′16″W / 38.24715°N 122.121217°W / 38.24715; -122.121217 (Rockville Stone Chapel)
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
862 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church 120 E J St. at 1st St.
38°03′06″N 122°09′24″W / 38.051743°N 122.156543°W / 38.051743; -122.156543 (Saint Paul's Episcopal Church)
804 University of California Experimental Farm Putah Creek Rd.
38°30′17″N 121°58′50″W / 38.504733°N 121.980567°W / 38.504733; -121.980567 (University of California Experimental Farm)
534 Vaca-Peña Adobe Peña Adobe Park
38°20′15″N 122°00′55″W / 38.337517°N 122.01525°W / 38.337517; -122.01525 (Vaca-Peña Adobe)
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