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Carters Cove is an unincorporated community in Gloucester County, in the U. S. state of Virginia. To the inhabitants of Carters Cove it is known as "The Cove" or just "Cove" Carter's Cove was founded not too long ago but was never very popular. No one cared about the little old community near Rosewell, in fact that was the only way most people knew of it unless they lived there. Carter's Cove is home to some of the best people on planet earth. Deven Lillard, Alex Ortiz, Bradley Amos, Aric Garcia (College in Tennessee )Justin Poole, Chad Hall (who left for some time but is back now) Jordan Galloway, Taylor Dough (attending University of Delaware), Maison Hronec, and James Hutzler are all prominent figures in this society.

Cove Sports

Carters Cove is revered for its sports program. Whatever is going on in the professional world, Carters Cove does for exhibition. Cove Football is a lovely past time in the neighborhood from 2v2 in Taylor's frontward to where not 10 people meet in the field and play some rough ass football. Bradley Amos, Jordan Galloway, and Deven Lillard are some of the more recent MVP winners on the Football season. In 2013, Tanner Payne won the MVP for his outstanding performance at the quarterback position. He is the only person to win the MVP award that doesn't actually live in Carter's Cove. Maison Hronec is the only indictee into the Cove Sports Hall of Fame. Cove Ball (basketball) is a very fun activity that is played mostly year round. Cove Ball has incorporated people from outside of the neighborhood to even come to and play for fun! When it started up nobody was very good because "the rims sucked." Now, except for Alex Ortiz, everyone plays at a better level than they did making the games exciting and competitive.

Deven Lillard Effect

About 3 years ago Deven Lillard became a huge prominent figure in Carters Cove. Spreading his love throughout Gloucester County, Deven does indeed LOVE THE COVE. Because of him he has taken the Cove's publicity to a new level and his respect among fellow Cove members to a high position. Deven's love is one of Carters Cove's biggest exports.

Carters Cove Gang

Carters Cove Gang (CCG) is a rap group based in Carters Cove. Justin May, Tristan Shiflett, Jordan Galloway and the producer James Hutzler are members of the group. Justin and Tristan don't live in the Cove but record at Cove Records studio so the name is ok! Their breakout song "Neighborhood Watch" was played 600 times in the first 2 days release on"Soundcloud" but has kept quiet recently. 3 more projects are expected to drop from them coming soon.

Cove Patriotism

Carters's Cove is not the most rich, or coolest place on earth from the outside but ask any of the kids there and they will tell you something. Inside everyone in the neighborhood they have a deep love and respect for Carter's Cove and love it dearly. James Hutzler and Deven Lillard alike always express emotion towards their living place in a positive manor. Carter's Cove is a great place to live and if you're reading this come visit. There are no college girls though.

Coordinates: 37°20′15″N 76°34′19″W / 37.3375°N 76.57194°W / 37.3375; -76.57194

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