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Castilleja rubicundula
Scientific classification

Orthocarpus rubicundula

Castilleja rubicundula is a species of Indian paintbrush known by the common name cream sacs.


This annual wildflower is native to northern California, and into southwestern Oregon. It lives on coastal and inland grasslands.


Castilleja rubicundula is a hairy, glandular annual growing to about half a meter in height, the stem leafy with lance-shaped foliage.

It produces a terminal inflorescence and sometimes branches off several more inflorescences. The white, pink, yellow, or bicolored flowers are divided into usually three pouches, making them look inflated. Each pouch is about a centimeter wide and half a centimeter deep. Each flower has a beak extending about half a centimeter above the pouches.

The fruit is a capsule containing tiny seeds less than a millimeter long. Under magnification the seed's honeycomb-patterned coat is visible.


Subspecies and varieties include:

  • Castilleja rubicundula ssp. lithospermoides
  • Castilleja rubicundula ssp. rubicundulaendemic to the Sacramento Valley, California.
  • Castilleja rubicundula var. rubicundula
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