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Cephas may refer to:


  • The title of Saint Peter
  • Diocese of Cephas, an ancient episcopal seat of the Roman province of Mesopotamia, in present-day Tur Abdin, Turkey
  • Cephas of Iconium, among the Seventy Disciples of Jesus, bishop of Iconium or Colophon, Pamphylia
  • Moses Bar Cephas or Moses Bar-Kepha (c. 813–903), Syriac writer and bishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church


Given name

  • Cephas Yao Agbemenu (born 1951), Ghanaian sculptor and a traditional African wood carver and Art Professor
  • Céphas Bansah (born 1948), Ngoryifia ("developmental chief") of the Gbi Traditional area of Hohoe, Ghana
  • Cephas Chimedza (born 1984), Zimbabwean footballer
  • Cephas Lemba (born 1970), Zambian sprinter
  • Cephas Lumina, Zambian lawyer and human rights expert
  • Cephas Malele (born 1994), Angolan-born Swiss footballer
  • Cephas Matafi (born 1971), Zimbabwean long-distance runner
  • Cephas Mark (1872–1942), Canadian druggist and political figure
  • Cephas Msipa (1931–2016), Zimbabwean politician
  • Cephas Pasipamiri, Zimbabwean long distance and marathon runner
  • Cephas Thompson (1775–1856), American itinerant portrait painter
  • Cephas Washburn (1793–1860), Christian missionary and educator
  • Cephas Zhuwao (born 1984), Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Cephas Fianyeku (born 1979) Ghanaian Banker and criminologist

Middle name

  • Collen Cephas Gwiyo, Zimbabwean politician and deputy secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress
  • Edward Cephas John Stevens (1837–1915), New Zealand politician
  • Jasmine Cephas Jones (born 1989), American actress
  • Ron Cephas Jones (born 1957), American actor


  • Kassian Cephas (1845–1912), Javanese photographer
  • McColm Cephas (born 1978), Liberian footballer

Other uses

  • Cephas & Wiggins, an American acoustic blues duo
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