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The Charleston Distance Run is a 15-mile (24 km) road running event held annually in Charleston, West Virginia. The race starts in front of the West Virginia State Capitol on the Kanawha Boulevard. The course starts on the flats of the Boulevard before going across the South Side Bridge and up Corridor G, a hill named Capital Hill Punishment for its nearly 2-mile (3 km) uphill length. The course winds through Charleston's South Hills for 3 miles (5 km) before crossing back over the South Side Bridge. The final 7 miles (11 km) are flat; runners go past the West Virginia State Capitol, along the Kanawha River, before finishing at Laidley Field.


The race was started in 1973 by Don Cohen, an eye doctor in Charleston. Cohen wanted to create a race that coincided with the annual Sternwheel Regatta, so he teamed up with city leaders and police to find a route.

The race ended up being 15 miles (24 km) quite by accident, as Cohen's main focus was to orientate the race around some of Charleston's most famous landmarks, such as the State Capitol, the Kanawha riverbank, the East End, West Side, and South Hills. Though the Sternwheel Regatta retired in 2008, the Distance Run continues as an independent event. To this day, it is America's only 15-mile distance run.

Past Overall Winners

Year Name Club/Hometown Time
1973 Jeff Galloway Florida Track Club 1:16:29
1974 Philip Ndoo Eastern New Mexico University 1:18:03
1975 John Vitale No data 1:17:02
1976 Frank Shorter Independent 1:14:37
1977 William R. Haviland Ohio 1:16:42
1978 William R. Haviland Athens, Ohio 1:14:26
1979 Robert V. Perkins Greensboro, North Carolina 1:17:37
1980 William R. Haviland Athens, Ohio 1:15:12
1981 Terry Baker No data 1:15:43
1982 Terry Baker No data 1:14:15
1983 Mark S. Stickley Blacksburg, Virginia 1:14:02
1984 Mark S. Stickley Blacksburg, Virginia 1:14:33
1985 Steve G. Taylor No data 1:16:25
1986 Don L. Norman No data 1:13:54
1987 Steve G. Taylor No data 1:14:31
1988 Don L. Norman No data 1:15:52
1989 Steve G. Taylor No data 1:15:27
1990 Mark L. Curp No data 1:13:47
1991 Mark L. Curp No data 1:16:50
1992 Mark L. Curp No data 1:15:40
1993 Ed Eyestone No data 1:14:52
1994 Gideon M. Mutisya No data 1:13:38
1995 Gideon M. Mutisya No data 1:12:55
1996 Gideon M. Mutisya New Milford, Connecticut 1:12:24
1997 Gideon M. Mutisya Incline Village, Nevada 1:16:34
1998 Andrew Musuva Farmington, Minnesota 1:14:01
1999 Simon Sawe Albuquerque, New Mexico 1:14:53
2000 Gideon M. Mutisya Hartford, Connecticut 1:15:30
2001 Wilson Onscare West Chester, Pennsylvania 1:14:47
2002 Zabloh Mokaya Kennesaw, Georgia 1:15:07
2003 Hillary Lelei Cary, North Carolina 1:16:06
2004 Douglas Momanyi West Chester, Pennsylvania 1:17:08
2005 Francis Bowen West Chester, Pennsylvania 1:15:31
2006 Jacob Yator Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1:15:21
2007 Tesfaye Girma West Chester, Pennsylvania 1:16:26
2008 Gideon M. Mutisya Hartford, Connecticut 1:22:48
2009 Kipyegon Kirui Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1:14:55
2010 Jason Pyles South Charleston, West Virginia 1:25:44
2011 Joe Moore Raleigh, North Carolina 1:20:12
2012 Jeff Weiss Ravenswood, West Virginia 1:21:14
2013 Kiprono Kurgat Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1:16:29
2014 Jeff Weiss Ravenswood, West Virginia 1:22:36
2015 Brian Moresman No data 1:22:13
2016 Juris Silenieks Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1:21:42
2017 Jason Pyles Elkins, West Virginia 1:31:48
2018 Bryan Morseman Bath, New York 1:23:45
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