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Christella normalis
Thelypteris kunthii at Coker Arboretum.jpg
Conservation status

Secure (NatureServe)
Scientific classification
  • Cyclosorus kunthii (Desv.) Christenh.
  • Dryopteris normalis C.Chr.
  • Dryopteris saxatilis (R.P.St.John) M.Broun
  • Dryopteris unca (R.P.St.John) M.Broun
  • Filix-mas augescens var. normalis (C.Chr.) Farw.
  • Lastrea kunthii Moore
  • Lastrea normalis (C.Chr.) Copel.
  • Nephrodium kunthii Desv.
  • Nephrodium patens Jenman
  • Thelypteris kunthii (Desv.) C.V.Morton
  • Thelypteris macrorhizoma E.P.St.John
  • Thelypteris normalis (C.Chr.) Moxley
  • Thelypteris saxatilis R.P.St.John
  • Thelypteris unca R.P.St.John

Christella normalis, synonym Thelypteris kunthii, sometimes known as Kunth's maiden fern or southern shield fern, is the most common of the maiden ferns in the southeastern United States south of the fall line. It ranges westward to eastern Texas. It usually grows in moist to dry terrestrial situations, but can also be epipetric. It often grows as a greenhouse escape in areas north of its usual range.

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