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Modica Chocolate with cocoa butter blooming

The Cioccolato di Modica (Modica Chocolate or "Chocolate of Modica", also known as cioccolata modicana) is an Italian P.G.I. specialty chocolate, typical of the municipality of Modica in Sicily, characterized by an ancient and original recipe using manual grinding (rather than conching) which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and aromatic flavor.

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Modica Chocolate traditional ingot bar

The specialty was introduced in the County of Modica by the Spaniards, during their domination in southern Italy. The Spaniards probably learned from the Aztecs the technique of processing cocoa beans through the use of metate, but it is however known that the Aztecs were not aware of the existence of sugar and consumed cocoa in liquid form, therefore it is not possible to state that Modica Chocolate (which also contains sugar in addition to cocoa, which has the characteristic ingot shape and is presented in a solid state) derives from an Aztec Recipe.

Modica Chocolate is cold processed and has no cocoa butter added, at 45 degrees celsius sugar does not dissolve;that's why it has a different texture. According to the age old Modica cold working process all the beneficial properties of cocoa are kept intact.

Modica chocolate often has a white patina and tends to crumble. The cocoa butter blooming alters the traditional organoleptic properties of the product.

Since 2009 a festival named "Chocobarocco" is held every year in the city.

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