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Clang Invasion
Clang Invasion screenshot.jpg
Titular screenshot
Genre Comedy
Science fiction
Animated sitcom
Created by Seng Choon Meng
Developed by Doug Hadders
Adam Rotstein
Directed by Frederick Marcello Wilmot
David Low Da Wei
Voices of Patrick McKenna
Linda Kash
Doug Hadders
Julie Lemieux
Annick Obonsawin
Brad Adamson
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Steven DeNure
Anne Loi
Seng Choon Meng
Steven Ching Chi Wai
Producer(s) Beth Stevenson
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Scrawl Studios
AGOGO Entertainment Ltd.
Decode Entertainment
Distributor DHX Media
Original network YTV
Picture format 1080i ( HDTV)
Original release September 18, 2007 (2007-09-18) – July 17, 2008 (2008-07-17)

Clang Invasion is a Canadian-Singaporean-Australian animated television series produced for the Canadian children's programming channel YTV. It also aired on Canal Panda, Gloob, Nickelodeon, ABC Me and Pop. 26 episodes were produced.


Three alien robots, Rivet, Widgit and Socket, accidentally crashed their spaceship on a backyard tree on Earth. Human twins Robin and Daisy Harrison, and their pet dog Sam went to investigate the crash, where they encounter the robots. Not capable of returning to Planet Clang, the robots becomes friends with Robin and Daisy, made Sam speak by installing a voice box, and utilise a spectrum of gadgetry for their goals. The twins also have to keep the robots a secret. Before rivet widget and socket return to planet Clang.


  • Rivet: (voiced by Patrick McKenna) The captain of the spaceship, Rivet is a male robot and inventor that serves as a genius to the kids, offering them his inventions. He discovered information about Earth from its old commercial broadcasts into space.
  • Widgit: (voiced by Linda Kash) The spaceship's navigator and maintainer, Widgit is a female robot who performs poorly technologically compared to the other robots but sympathizes with living things. She can contact with any living thing after accidentally devouring one of Rivet's gadgets.
  • Socket: (voiced by Doug Hadders) The spaceship's security officer, Socket is a simpler robot, unlike the others. As an old robot, his parts frequently fall off, with Rivet reattaching back socket’s parts. His head also acts as an object storage.
  • Robin Harrison: (voiced by Julie Lemieux) A 7-year-old human boy, Robin thinks the arrival of the robots in his background is the best thing in his life.
  • Daisy Harrison: (voiced by Annick Obonsawin) A 7-year-old human girl, Daisy isn't as wise as her age in contrast to him, despite believing the contrary.
  • Sam: (voiced by Brad Adamson) The Harrisons' dog, Sam was given a voice box on his collar from the robots in order to speak. He is talkative.


The dates that follow are when the episodes were initially developed and released in Singapore and England and not when they debuted in Canada, which was over 3 years later.

  1. Countdown To Destruction
  2. When Life Gives You Lemons
  3. I, Giant Robot
  4. Super Excellent Fantastical Man And Daisy
  5. Home A Clone
  6. Pause And Order
  7. To Everything, Learn, Learn, Learn
  8. The Fluffy Kitten... Of Death
  9. The Road Of Invention
  10. Queen Bumble Bee
  11. O Tannen Bomb
  12. Teleputty
  13. Welcome To My Nightmare
  14. Trick Or Trick Or Treat
  15. Ace Up His Sleeve
  16. The Fright Stuff
  17. Hide And Seek And Destroy
  18. Go Kart A Go-Go
  19. Chicken Pocalypse
  20. The E.A.R.L. Files
  21. Freaky Monday
  22. You Can't Handle The Tooth
  23. Oh Snow He Didn't
  24. Total Eclipse Of The Art
  25. Close Encounters Of The Love Kind
  26. Completely Lost In Space
  27. The Big Dance
  28. Lemur Come Back To Me
  29. Two Dads Are Better Than One
  30. The Polar Bear Express
  31. Hail To The Chief
  32. With Friends Like These
  33. License To Drive
  34. Bullyworth
  35. Recycle, Reuse, Re-Boot
  36. Say Cheese
  37. Bring Your Parents To Work Day
  38. The Grandma Illusion
  39. Robin Boy Genius... Naaaaa
  40. Back On The Clang Gang
  41. To Air Is Devine
  42. Field Of Mean
  43. There Goes The Neighbourhoodistan
  44. On The Run
  45. Evolution Solution
  46. To Sasquatch A Thief
  47. A Kung Fu Star Is Born
  48. Citizen Lame
  49. Alien Happy Fun Time Challenge
  50. Living It Upgrade
  51. Aprils Fools
  52. Daze And Com-Pooched


The series was originally going to be called Gizmo. The series was produced by Decode Entertainment, Agogo Entertainment, and Singapore animation studio Scrawl Studios. DHX Media is the distributor.

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