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Coastal glider
Macrodiplax cora 4160.jpg
Macrodiplax cora female obelisk.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Macrodiplax cora distribution map.svg
  • Diplax cora Kaup in Brauer, 1867
  • Libellula lycoris Selys, 1872
  • Urothemis nigrilabris Selys, 1878
  • Urothemis vittata Kirby, 1893

Macrodiplax cora, the coastal glider, also known as wandering pennant, and Cora’s pennant, is a species of dragonfly in the family Libellulidae.


An adult male Macrodiplax cora is a medium-sized dragonfly (length 45mm, wingspan 75mm) with a red abdomen, dorsally marked with black patches on each segment. The female abdomen is less brightly colored. The synthorax is a brownish color and may be hirsute. The wings are clear except for a yellowish patch at the base of the hind wing. Its bi-colored legs and hourglass shaped black patches on the abdominal segments will help to easily distinguish them from other red colored dragonflies.

Distribution and habitat

The species undertakes migration and may be nomadic, and is thus widespread in tropical Asia and Australasia. It occurs in South Asia, Australia and a variety of Indian and Pacific Oceans Islands. It prefers coastal lagoons, estuaries and swamps, as it is somewhat salt-tolerant.


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