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Origin Japan
Voiced By None
Fighting Style Copies other fighters
Age 1 year (T4)
Blood Type Oil
Height 6'0" = 1.84
Weight 290 lbs = 131кг.
Occupation Fighter (used to do things like cleaning)
Hobby Mimicry
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown

Combot is a character made for the Tekken series. Its first and only appearance was in "Tekken 4".


Combot is Mokujin's replacement in Tekken 4 (gameplay wise). Combot didn't mimic a different character every round like Mokujin, instead it changed fighting styles every match.


Combot is a humanoid robot (a robot that was made to act like humans). Lee entered it in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and he used it so he could win. He entered the tournament himself, disguising himself as a man named Violet

Combot is not like any other humanoid robot. A powerful AI function lets it mimic any human motion it can see. With this ability, Combot can do any job from childcare, housekeeping, service industries, and even military duty.

This Combot is a unique version made for fighting. The making of Combot was very rushed so that it could be finished in time for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

Lee Chaolan’s plan was to have Combot memorize different of fighting styles as it went through the tournament. Lee was trying to create the most powerful fighting robot in the world and win the Mishima Zaibatsu at the same time.

The development team did not have enough time to get rid of Combot's problems. As a result, a few bugs remained in its memory when the Tournament started. These bugs stop Combot from mimicking more than one person’s moves each time it starts up.


  • In Combot's ending animation, when Combot wins the tournament, the crowd are cheering "Combo bot!" instead of "Combot!".
  • Combot and Violet are the only two characters that appear only in Tekken 4 and not in any other games.
  • Combot can make metal sounds when hit by holding 'down' while the battle is loading just like Mokujin can make a wooden sound by doing the same.
  • When Combot is selected on the character roster, the announcer does not say his name, instead Combot says his own name.

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