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Commune may refer to:

In society
  • Commune, a human community in which resources are shared
  • A type of township or municipality
    • One of the Communes of Angola
    • One of the Communes of Benin
    • One of the Communes of Chile
    • One of the Communes of France
    • One of the Communes of Luxembourg
    • One of the Communes of Switzerland (in French language)
    • A Rural commune in Vietnam
    • An Italian comune
    • A Polish gmina (generally translated as "commune")
    • A comună:
    • Kommunen in Germany (sing. eine Kommune) are the municipalities (Gemeinden) and the districts (Landkreise). A formal name is kommunale Gebietskörperschaften (~ regional public bodies).
  • Medieval commune, a form of mutual defense alliance
  • Commune (model of government), a model of socialist government
In history
  • the Paris Commune (French Revolution) (1789–1795)
  • the Paris Commune (1871)
  • La Commune (Paris, 1871), a 2000 French film
  • Commune (film), a 2005 documentary about Black Bear Ranch narrated by Peter Coyote
  • The Commune, a 2016 Danish film
  • Commune, a 2003 album by Japanese singer Yuki Isoya
  • Commune (album) by Goat 2014
  • Commune (card game), a poker-based bluffing game
  • Commune FC, a football club in Burkina Faso
  • The Commune, anarchist newspaper published by Guy Aldred
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