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Constitution Party, Constitutional Party, or Constitutionalist Party may refer to one of several political parties.

Active parties

  • Constitution Party (Egypt), in Egypt
  • Constitution Party (Estonia), or "Estonial United People's Party", in Estonia
  • Constitution Party (United States), formerly "US Taxpayers Party", in the United States
  • Constitutionalist Party of Iran, or "Iranian Constitutional Movement", a now-banned Iranian political party
  • Constitutional Democratic Party, in the Russian Empire
  • Constitutional Party (Malta), in Malta
  • Constitutional Party (Spain), in Spain
  • Constitutional Party (Uruguay), in Uruguay
  • Constitutional Union (Morocco), in Morocco
  • Constitutionalist Liberal Party, in Nicaragua
  • National Constitution Party, in Hungary
  • New Constitution Party of Canada, an unregistered party in Canada
  • Progressive Constitutionalist Party (Malta), in Malta
  • Progressive Constitutionalist Party (Mexico), in Mexico
  • Progressive Party (China), originally known as the Constitutionalist Party, in the Republic of China
  • Zhi Xian Party (literally: "Constitution-Foremost Party of China"), in the People's Republic of China

Historical parties

Alternate names

  • Destour. or the "Constitutional Liberal Party", in Tunisia
  • Junimea, a Romanian movement briefly active as the "Constitutional Party"
  • Rikken Teiseitō or "Constitutional Imperial Rule Party", in Japan
  • Rikken Kaishintō or "Constitutional Reform Party", in Japan
  • Kenseitō or "Constitutional Party", in Japan
  • Kensei Hontō or "Constitutional Main Party", in Japan
  • Rikken Seiyūkai or "Constitutional Association of Political Friendship", in Japan
  • Rikken Kokumintō or "Constitutional Nationalist Party", in Japan
  • Rikken Dōshikai or "Constitutional Association of Allies", in Japan
  • Kenseikai or "Constitutional Association", in Japan
  • Rikken Minseitō or "Constitutional Democratic Party", in Japan

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