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The Cuisine of Vermont is part of the cuisine of New England of the Northeastern United States.

Customs and traditions

In the farmhouses of the Vermont countryside the custom persists of serving dinner at noon, to nourish men who wake early and work through the afternoon, however in larger towns, where professions do not demand the same physical labor, the modern custom of a lighter lunch and hearty evening meal accommodates the office lifestyle.


Griddle cakes, topped with locally produced maple syrup, are the typical Vermont breakfast, served with a side of sausage.

Housewives make all kinds of fruit and vegetable pickles with peaches, apples, lemons and other fruits and vegetables.

Vermont is known for its local cheeses. By 1983, dairy farms made up 79% of all farm profits in the state. In 1995, that share had decreased to 69.9%.

Blueberries grow wild in the woods, and cultivated blueberries are grown locally. Fiddleheads are gathered seasonally along streams and riverbanks. There can be sauteed or simply pickled, or used in more innovative, modern dishes.

Lamb dishes are more common in Vermont than other parts of the country, where lambs are still raised for meat by some local farmers.

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