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A cylinder is a three-dimensional geometric shape. Cylinder may also refer to:

Science and technology

  • Cylinder (engine), the space in which a piston travels in an engine
  • Gas cylinder, a container for storing compressed gas
    • Diving cylinder, a type of gas cylinder used in scuba-diving
  • Cylinder (firearms), the rotating device that contains the firing chambers of a revolver
  • Cylinder lock, the part that is profiled to accept a specific key
  • Graduated cylinder, glassware for measurement of liquids in laboratories
  • Hydraulic cylinder, using pressurized liquid
  • Pneumatic cylinder, using compressed gas
    • Cylinder (locomotive), in a steam locomotive

Information storage

  • Phonograph cylinder, the dominant medium of audio storage from the 1870s until 1904.
  • Cylinder (disk drive), in computer hard drives
  • Cylinder seal, an ancient, often clay, cylinder engraved with a 'picture story'
  • Cuneiform scripts, on cylinders, e.g. ancient documents of Babylonian kings:



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