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David Morgan may refer to:


  • David Watcyn Morgan (1859–1940), Dean of St David's, 1931–1940
  • David Owen Morgan (1893–1959), British zoologist
  • David Morgan (sociologist) (born 1937), British sociologist
  • David Morgan (historian) (born 1945), professor of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • David Morgan (art historian), professor of religious studies
  • David M. Morgan, Chancellor of Deakin University
  • David R. Morgan, professor of political science at the University of Oklahoma
  • David Morgan, otherwise Dewi Morgan (1877–1971), Welsh bard, scholar and journalist


  • David Morgan (Jacobite) (1690s–1746), Welsh lawyer involved in the Jacobite rising of 1745
  • David Morgan (trade unionist) (1840–1900), Welsh miners' agent and trade unionist
  • David Watts Morgan (1867–1933), Welsh trade unionist and Member of Parliament
  • David Eirwyn Morgan (1918–1982), Welsh minister, trade unionist and politician
  • David John Morgan (1844–1917), British Member of Parliament for Walthamstow, 1900–1906


  • David Morgan (rugby union) (1872–1933), Welsh international rugby player
  • David Morgan (cricket administrator) (born 1937), Welsh
  • David Morgan II (born 1993), American football tight end
  • David Morgan (footballer) (born 1994), footballer
  • David Morgan (swimmer) (born 1994), Australian swimmer
  • David Lee Morgan Jr. (born 1965), American sportswriter


  • David Morgan (frontiersman) (1721–1813), American frontiersman
  • David Morgan (judge) (1849–1912), United States judge who served as Chief Justice of North Dakota
  • David Morgan (composer) (1933–1988), British composer
  • David Morgan (engineer) (born 1942), British engineer who claims to have invented the traffic cone
  • David Morgan (businessman) (born 1947), Australian businessman
  • David Morgan (pilot) (born 1947), British fighter pilot
  • David Morgan (journalist) (1959–2016), Northern Irish television presenter and journalist
  • David Morgan (comedian), British stand-up comedian
  • David Morgan (department store), a department store in Cardiff, Wales
  • David Morgan (psychoanalyst), British psychoanalyst
  • David Bannister Morgan (1772–1845), U.S. adjutant general at the Battle of New Orleans
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