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Dennis the Menace is the name of two different comic strips, which both debuted in 1951. One is a British comic strip, that is featured in the UK comic magazine, The Beano. The other is a daily newspaper comic strip from the United States. This daily strip was a single panel, but the Sunday strip was longer. The single panels were sometimes collected into small paperbacks. Dennis also had a comic book.

In Britain, Dennis is usually drawn as wearing a red and black striped jumper, and spikey black hair. He is normally with his black dog called Gnasher.

In the United States, Dennis the Menace (Dennis Mitchell) wore a red and white striped tee-shirt and bib overalls. He had blond hair and a large cowlick. His dog was a sheepdog called Ruff. Dennis' parents are Henry and Alice. His neighbors are George and Martha Wilson. Dennis wants to be helpful but his attempts often end in disaster. Dennis' friends are Tommy Anderson, Joey McDonald, and Margaret Wade. In 1959, the comic strip was developed into a CBS television sitcom called Dennis the Menace. It stars Jay North as Dennis and Joseph Kearns as George Wilson. The series aired for four years and has been released to DVD.

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