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Device could mean:

  • A measuring instrument
  • A machine or part of one
  • A tool or part of one
  • An information appliance, such as a cell phone
  • Device implying computer hardware
  • A peripheral device attached to a computer
  • A display device (or graphics device), for visual or tactile presentation of images and/or text
  • An electronic component
  • A device file, in computing
  • A rhetorical device
  • Device No.1, an album by Flint
  • devices, a Los Angeles-based power-pop band from the late 1980s and early 1990s
  • Heraldic device, part of a coat of arms
  • de-VICE, an online magazine started in 2005 that dabbles with electronic music, movies, anime, travel, and subcultural asidesde-VICE #3
  • An attachment to a medal's ribbon denoting special service, participation in a battle, or additional awards. Examples include a service star and the oak leaf cluster.

Devise could also mean:

  • To invent
  • A disposition of real property in a will, like a bequest

Or see the placename Devizes

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