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A dodecagon

A dodecagon or 12-gon is a shape with 12 sides and 12 corners.

Regular dodecagon

All sides of a regular dodecagon are the same length. Each corner is 150°. All corners added together equal 1800°.


The amount of space a regular dodecagon takes up is

\begin{align} A & = 3 \cot\left(\frac{\pi}{12} \right) a^2 =
                     3 \left(2+\sqrt{3} \right) a^2 \\
                 & \approx 11{,}19615\,a^2.
The variable A represents the area, and the variable a represents the apothem.


The perimeter of a regular dodecagon is

\begin{align} P = 12s

The variable P represents the perimeter, and the variable s represents one side.

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