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People who never learned how to read and write are called illiterate.

Dysgraphia or agraphia is the inability to write texts, even though the person has the necessary motoric skills. People with dysgraphia can move their hand enough, and are also capable of understanding how to write. Dysgraphias occur because of damage done to the brain. They often occur with other illnesses, such as speech problems. Many people who suffered a stroke may have lost the ability to move parts of their body. There are different forms of dysgraphia:

  • Lexical agraphia: words that are hard to tell apart cannot be written down properly
  • Phonological agraphia: words can be written down correctly, but they cannot be pronounced
  • Semantic agraphia: words with a certain meaning cannot be pronounced
  • Apractical agraphia: The motor skills can no longer be used for writing

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