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Eishō (永承 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kantoku and before Tengi. This period started in April 1046 and ended in January 1053. The reigning emperor was Go-Reizei-tennō (後冷泉天皇 ).

Events of the Eishō Era

  • 1046 (Eishō 1): Minamoto no Yorinobu wrote about the spirit of Emperor Ojin and Iwashimizu Hachiman.
  • 1048 (Eishō 3): Yorinobu died at the age of 81.
  • 1051 (Eishō 6): In Michinoku, Minamoto no Yoriyoshi was appointed governor; and he was named chinjufu shōgun.

The 11th reconstruction of the Kasuga Shrine in Nara was finished.

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