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Elmo Monster
Sesame Street character
First appearance Season 11 (1980-1981)
Portrayed by

Brian Muehl

David Rudman (1982)
Kevin Clash (1982–2014)
Lesleie-Carrara-Rudolph (2015–present)
Species Monster
Gender Male
Nationality American
Fur/skin color Red

Elmo is a muppet character from the TV show Sesame Street. He is a red monster, and has his own part of the show called Elmo's World. His age is three and a half years old. He is very famous for his laugh. His best friend is Abby Cadabby.

Elmo was originally a very minor character on the show. After a few background appearances, Brian Muehl was the first main performer and gave him a whispery voice. Richard Hunt performed him next and gave him a gruff voice. However, Kevin Clash was given the muppet in the mid 1980s and used a new voice for him. This voice was made using falsetto. The muppet then became very popular. Elmo always talks in third person: for example, Elmo says "Elmo knows where you live!" rather than "I know where you live!" Elmo has a pet fish named Dorothy. He plays the toy piano and likes to ride his tricycle. Elmo is very popular with younger children.

In the 1990s, an Elmo toy called "Tickle Me Elmo" was sold. In a short time, it became one of the most popular Sesame Street toys in stores.

Puppet Evolution

The first Elmo puppet, introduced in season 11 (1979–1980), was used primarily as a background monster in sketches and songs with no established identity (though often performed by Jerry Nelson). Later on, during that same season, he received his name and had a minor role throughout the season, performed by Brian Muehl. After he left, Elmo was briefly taken over by Richard Hunt until the role was taken over by Kevin Clash, solidifying many aspects of Elmo's character. The puppet used here is a modified version of the previous, with some slightly shaggier fur, the puppet changed again for season 24 (1992-1993), Elmo's fur is matted down considerably, and then the puppet changed again for season 29 (1997-1998), This puppet is slightly bigger and has increased fur, similar to his mid-80s appearance, and then elmo’s puppet was changed once again for season 34 (2003), Elmo's head appears to be larger and the fur is combed down evenly around his head, the current Elmo puppet was used ever since season 37 (2006), This version is considerably furrier, especially on his upper jaw.

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