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Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou
Zhou Wu Tang.jpg
Tang dynasty portrait of Emperor Wu by Yan Liben
Emperor of Northern Zhou
Reign 561 – 578
Predecessor Emperor Ming of Northern Zhou
Successor Emperor Xuan of Northern Zhou
Born 543
Died 578 (aged 34–35)
Consorts Empress Wucheng
Li Ezi
Issue Emperor Xuan
Yuwen Zan
Yuwen Zhi
Yuwen Yun
Yuwen Chong
Yuwen Dui
Yuwen Yuan
Princess Qingdou
Princess Yiyang
Full name
Family name: Yuwen (宇文)
Given name: Yong (雍)
Nickname: Miluotu (禰羅突)
Posthumous name
Emperor Wu (武帝)
Temple name
Gaozu (高祖)
Dynasty Northern Zhou
Father Yuwen Tai
Mother Empress Xuan

Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou ((北)周武帝) (543–578), personal name Yuwen Yong (宇文邕), Xianbei name Miluotu (禰羅突), was an emperor of the Xianbei dynasty Northern Zhou. As was the case of the reigns of his brothers Emperor Xiaomin and Emperor Ming, the early part of his reign was dominated by his cousin Yuwen Hu, but in 572 he ambushed Yuwen Hu and seized power personally. He thereafter ruled ably and built up the power of his military, destroying rival Northern Qi in 577 and annexing its territory. His death the next year, however, ended his ambitions of uniting China, and under the reign of his erratic son Emperor Xuan (Yuwen Yun), Northern Zhou itself soon deteriorated and was usurped by Yang Jian in 581.

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