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My keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard.

An ergonomic keyboard is a computer keyboard. It has an ergonomic design to lower changes of muscle strain and a lot of other related problems. These keyboards are created in a "V" shape. This can allow the right and left hand to type at a more natural way.


QWERTY Truly Egronomic Keyboard
A "Truly Ergonomic Keyboard" fixed-split keyboard
Apple Adjustable Keyboard
Apple Adjustable Keyboard is an adjustable split keyboard
AlphaGrip Keyboard on a Desk, Jan 2014
An "AlphaGrip" Handheld Keyboard

Split keyboard

A "fixed-split keyboard" is a single board, with the keys separated into two or three groups, allowing the user to type at a different angle than the typical straight keyboard.

An "adjustable split keyboard" has the keyboard split into several independent pieces, so the angle between them can be easily changed.

Contoured keyboard

Maltron Dual Hand keyboard with Malt Key distribution
Maltron Keyboard with Malt Layout

A further development of the split concept are contoured keyboards like the 1977 Maltron or the newer Kinesis Advantage line, which place the keys into two depressions set approximately at shoulder width, with function keys set between the key groups for use with the thumbs. In this configuration, very little movement of arms and wrists is required.

Handheld keyboards

Handheld ergonomic keyboards are designed to be held like a game controller, and can be used as such, instead of laid out flat on top of a table surface. They allow the user the ability to move around a room or to lean back on a chair while also being able to type in front or away from the computer.

Angle split keyboard

The angled split keyboard (sometimes referred to as a Klockenburg keyboard) is similar to a split keyboard, but the middle is tented up so that the index fingers are higher than the little fingers while typing. Key Ovation makes the Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard which is an adjustable angled split keyboard.

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