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Erikson's stages of psychosocial development is the name of a theory of pyschology: Eric Ericson and his wife Joan Erickson coined the term. They found that during their lives, most people pass through eight stages of development.


Approximate Age
Psychosocial crisis
Significant relationship
Existential question

Under 2 years

Hope Trust vs. Mistrust Mother Can I trust the world? Feeding, abandonment

2–4 years

Will Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt Parents Is it okay to be me? Toilet training, clothing themselves
Early childhood

5–8 years

Purpose Initiative vs. Guilt Family Is it okay for me to do, move, and act? Exploring, using tools or making art
Middle Childhood

9–12 years

Competence Industry vs. Inferiority Neighbors, School Can I make it in the world of people and things? School, sports

13–19 years

Fidelity Identity vs. Role Confusion Peers, Role Model Who am I? Who can I be? Social relationships
Early adulthood

20–39 years

Love Intimacy vs. Isolation Friends, Partners Can I love? Romantic relationships
Middle Adulthood

40–59 years

Care Generativity vs. Stagnation Household, Workmates Can I make my life count? Work, parenthood
Late Adulthood

60 and above

Wisdom Ego Integrity vs. Despair Mankind, My kind Is it okay to have been me? Reflection on life
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