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Fen orchid
Liparis loeselii detail.jpeg
Scientific classification
Liparis (plant)
  • Ophrys loeselii L.
  • Ophrys trigona Gilib.
  • Ophrys pulchella Salisb.
  • Cymbidium loeselii (L.) Sw.
  • Malaxis loeselii (L.) Sw.
  • Serapias loeselii (L.) Hoffm.
  • Malaxis correana W.P.C. Barton
  • Malaxis longifolia W. P. C. Barton
  • Pseudorchis loeselii (L.) Gray
  • Anistylis lutea Raf.
  • Sturmia loeselii (L.) Rchb.
  • Liparis correana (W. P. C. Barton) Spreng.
  • Paliris loeselii (L.) Dumort.
  • Mesoptera loeselii (L.) Raf.
  • Orchis loeselii (L.) MacMill.
  • Liparis bifolia St.-Lag.
  • Leptorkis loeselii (L.) MacMill.
  • Liparis loeselii var. ovata Ridd. ex Godfery

Liparis loeselii, the fen orchid, yellow widelip orchid, or bog twayblade, is a species of orchid. It is native to Europe, northern Asia, the eastern United States, and eastern Canada. It grows in fens, bogs and dune slacks. It has yellow flowers and glossy yellow-green leaves.

  1. Liparis loeselii subsp. loeselii - Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, United States
  2. Liparis loeselii subsp. orientalis Efimov - Altay region of Russia
  3. Liparis loeselii subsp. sachalinensis (Nakai) Efimov - Sakhalin Island in Russia
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