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Flaveria brownii
Scientific classification
F. brownii
Binomial name
Flaveria brownii
A.M.Powell 1979

Flaveria brownii, Brown's yellowtops, is a North American plant species of yellowtops within the sunflower family. It is found only in the coastal regions of southern Texas in the United States. It grows primarily in sand dunes and salt marshes close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Flaveria brownii is a perennial herb up to 70 cm (27.5 in) tall. Stems sometimes grow straight up, sometimes reclining on the ground. Leaves are long and narrow, up to 12 cm (4.5 in) long. One plant can sometimes produce 100 or more flower heads in a loose, branching array, each head with 5-10 yellow disc flowers. Sometimes the head also contains one single ray flower.

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