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The foot-pound force (symbol: ft·lbf), or simply foot-pound (symbol: ft·lb), is a unit of energy and also a unit of torque. By definition it is one foot times one pound-force.

Unit of energy

As a unit of energy, one foot-pound is the energy it takes to push with one pound-force one pound for a distance of one foot.

1 foot-pound is equivalent to:

  • 1.3558179483314004 joules (exactly)
  • 13558179.483314004 ergs (exactly)
  • ~0.001285067 British Thermal Unit IT
  • ~0.323832 calorie IT (calIT)
  • ~0.000323832 "food calorie" (kcal or Cal)
  • ~32.174049 foot-poundals (ft pdl)

Unit of torque

As a unit of torque, one foot-pound is the torque created by one pound force acting at a perpendicular distance of one foot from a pivot point.

1 foot-pound is equivalent to:

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