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Foothill beargrass
Nolina erumpens fh 0523.46 TX. Im Cottonwood Canyon in Texas.jpg
in Cottonwood Canyon in Texas
Scientific classification
  • Dasylirion erumpens Torr. in W.H.Emory
  • Beaucarnea erumpens (Torr.) Baker

Nolina erumpens, the foothill beargrass, mesa sacahuista, or sand beargrass, is a member of the subfamily Nolinaceae of family Asparagaceae, native to New Mexico, Texas and adjacent regions of north Mexico.


The 2-2.6 feet long, 0.8 inch wide longitudinally grooved leaves of N. erumpens grow in wide tufts, and are sharp and serrated on the margins with loose-hanging filament-like appendages. The inflorescences are club shaped and rarely grow longer than the leaves, and bear numerous tiny, cream-colored flowers. The plant flowers in the late spring and early summer and the flowers attract ants, wasps and bees. Fruit is capsule-shaped and thin-walled.


Nolina erumpens is extremely rare in amateur private collections but may be found in some botanical gardens among collections of succulent plants.

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