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Gaspard and Lisa
Gaspard and lisa logo.jpg
Gaspard and Lisa title card
Genre Children's
Created by Anne Gutman
Starring Connor Fitzgerald
Kisholi Perera-Merry
Country of origin France
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 51 (list of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Chorion
Original network Disney Junior
CITV Channel
Canal+ Family
Original release 1 May 2011 (2011-05-01) – 13 July 2013 (2013-07-13)

Gaspard and Lisa is an animated entertainment series aimed at pre-school children. The series is based on the books written by Anne Gutman and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben. The series was made as a co-production between Chorion and animation company Impossible TV.


Gaspard and Lisa engage in various adventures and activities. Though they try to do good deeds, their behavior sometimes causes disturbance to other people, especially Mr. Huget (pronounced hoo-zhay). When they learn that they have created a problem, they say, "Uh oh! Catastrophe!" But when they fix the problem, they shout, "Yes, triumph!"


What follows is a listing of the characters in Gaspard and Lisa:

Gaspard's family

  • Gaspard (voiced by Connor Fitzgerald (UK), Peter Harris (US and Asia)): Gaspard is an anthropomorphic black dog who is the protagonist of the series. He wears a blue scarf, and lives in a high rise apartment. Like children his age, he attends school, and that school happens to be the same one attended by Lisa. Gaspard originated from a town outside Paris. He and his family moved to Paris a few years later. When he entered the Parisian school, it was there he met Lisa. He is also the newest member in his school. During his early days in class, he was a shy fellow whom the children laugh at because he brought a large bag with a lot of props. Thankfully, Lisa made him look special in front of them, and he got over his shyness. While he is a judo practitioner, Gaspard does have a slight fear of chickens.
  • Charles: Charles is Gaspard's older brother. He is a chess enthusiast, and always wears headphones around his neck. Though he acts like a snob to Gaspard and Lisa sometimes, he also shows some acts of kindness.
  • Gaspard's Dad (voiced by Simon Greenall): Gaspard's Dad wears a blue and green striped tie. He works as a newspaper columnist, and is even a competitive cyclist. He is also allergic to cats.
  • Gaspard's Mom (voiced by Teresa Gallagher): Gaspard's Mom is a housewife and wears a purple pearl necklace.
  • Granny Mathilde (voiced by Teresa Gallagher): Granny Mathilde is Gaspard's paternal grandmother. She lives in a blue house far from the city of Paris with a pet dog named Prince.

Lisa's family

  • Lisa (voiced by Kisholi Perera-Merry (UK), Charlotte Cohen (US And Asia)): Lisa is an anthropomorphic white dog who is Gaspard's best friend. She wears a red scarf, and lives in the Pompidou Centre. Wherever Gaspard goes, Lisa is often with him, even on Gaspard's visits to his grandmother. She also likes to sing and dance, especially when it comes to cheering up Gaspard whenever he gets glum. Whenever she sobs, she sniffs but sheds no tears.
  • Victoria (voiced by Bessie Cursons): Victoria is Lisa's older sister. Both she and Charles share the distinction of being occasionally snobbish to Gaspard and Lisa, although Charles is slightly nicer. She also seems to resent Lisa when she pushed her little sister's books off the shelf or scatter the puzzle Lisa made. Her only compliment to Lisa occurred when Lisa learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels.
  • Lila (voiced by Teresa Gallagher): Lila is Lisa's baby sister. She wears a purple onesie. A full-length episode of the series tells the story of when Lila was born and how Lisa was jealous at first but then began to love her sister.
  • Lisa's Papa (voiced by Tim Whitnall): Lisa's Papa wears a gray jacket.
  • Lisa's Mama (voiced by Teresa Gallagher): Lisa's Mama Lisa's mother is a housewife and wears a green necklace.
  • Lisa's Grandfather: Lisa's deep-voiced maternal grandfather wears a brown vest. He enjoys biscuits and is a bit of a magician. He also has a wife whom he has been married to for four decades.

Other characters

  • Mlle Baladi: Gaspard and Lisa's teacher. She travels on a yellow bicycle. She also has a pet dog named Jean Claude whom she sometimes brings to her outings.
  • Monseur Huget: An old man who happens to live in the same apartment Gaspard lives. He is often the brunt of trouble caused by Gaspard and Lisa's naivete.
  • Bastian: One of Gaspard and Lisa's classmates.
  • Adrian: A French boy of African heritage, and another of Gaspard and Lisa's classmates.
  • Erica: The only known girl at the school.
  • Victoria: One of Victoria's two friends, and the only one named. She gave a kitten to Lisa who in turn gave it to Monseur Huget.
  • Madame Perrault: Mlle Baladi's colleague who has a passion for art.
  • Monseur Delphy: The pet store owner.
  • Madame Merosh: The baker.


The episode titles are spoken by either Gaspard or Lisa. Every episode is approximately ten minutes long, except for Lisa's Little Sister which is about twenty minutes in length.

No. Title 
1 "Space Rocket"
Gaspard and Lisa accidentally break Charles' model rocket and have to find a way to fix it before the big contest.
2 "Our Class Pet"
Lisa takes the school guinea pig home with her, but when it gets loose, she and Gaspard have to decide whether to cover up or come clean.
3 "Victoria's New Wallpaper"
Lisa's father is putting up new wallpaper in her older sister Victoria's room. But this means Lisa will have to share her room with her sister until the wallpaper is up. Lisa isn't happy about sharing her room, especially when her sister tries to take over. So Gaspard and Lisa decide to finish the job, so Lisa can have her room back.
4 "Gaspard's Garden for Mama"
Returning to the city after visiting his grandmother in the country, Gaspard and his family bring home a box of fresh vegetables from his grandmother's garden. As his mother loves fresh tomatoes, he decides to grow tomatoes just for her. So with Lisa's help he makes a 'secret garden' under his bad. However, when he waters the tomatoes he doesn't realise he's actually watering M. Huget's ceiling as well.
5 "Mama's Broken Vase"
Gaspard and Lisa accidentally break Lisa's mother's favorite vase and work together to fix the damage.
6 "The Kite That Got Away"
Gaspard and Lisa accidentally let Charles' special kite go and they have to retrieve it.
7 "Gaspard's Egg"
After Gaspard and Lisa let a chicken out of Granny Mathilde's neighbor's henhouse, they have to keep the egg warm while they search for the missing bird.
8 "Prince's Muddy Mess"
Prince gets muddy while Gaspard and Lisa are watching him, and they have to figure out a way to make things right with Granny Mathilde.
9 "Our Talent Show"
Gaspard and Lisa argue about who's the star of the magic act they are going to put on at the school talent show, and Gaspard quits, only to return to help Lisa.
10 "Best Friends' Puppet Show"
Gaspard and Lisa try to stage their own puppet show, but catastrophe: the puppets have gone missing and everyone has arrived for the show.
11 "Gaspard's Toys For Sale"
Gaspard wants a shiny new truck but doesn't have enough money, so he and Lisa try to find ways to raise funds.
12 "School Pet Day"
Gaspard and Lisa borrow M. Delpy's parrot to take to school pet day, but the parrot gets loose and they have to retrieve it.
13 "A Christmas Surprise"
It's almost Christmas and Gaspard and Lisa need to find a present for their teacher, fast. Gaspard is full of ideas, but none of them seems quite right.
14 "Mystery of the Missing Tomatoes"
Gaspard and Lisa take a trip to Gaspard's Granny Mathilde's in the country. While there, they try to solve the mystery of Granny Mathilde's missing tomatoes.
15 "Mama's Special Day"
Catastrophe: the gift Lisa has made her mother for Mother's Day has been ruined. Can Gaspard help Lisa find her mother a new gift in time?
16 "Shopping with Mama"
Gaspard and Lisa cause havoc in the department store while waiting for Victoria and Mama. At that time, Charles tries to be part of the chess game with the best in the world.
17 "Monsieur Huget's Special Day"
Gaspard and Lisa resolve to make M. Huget smile as he bird-watches, but then learn the truth behind his sad mood—it's his birthday.
18 "Our Walk With John-Claude"
Gaspard & Lisa accidentally let Mlle Baladi's pet dog loose in the park and have to retrieve him.
19 "Our First Train Ride"
Gaspard and Lisa are excited to take their first train ride, and when they get in trouble with the Conductor, Papa comes to their aid.
20 "Our Sweet Treat"
The special pastry that Lisa's Maman has made gets eaten on Gaspard & Lisa's watch, and they have to figure out how to replace it.
21 "Gaspard's Puppy"
Gaspard babysits a puppy with Lisa's help and finds out it's harder than he thought.
22 "Our Very Special Delivery"
Gaspard and Lisa ruin the special cake they've picked up for Lisa's grandparents' Anniversary party and try to restore it.
23 "When Gaspard Met Lisa"
Gaspard and Lisa recall how they first met and, after a bumpy start, became best friends.
24 "Seaside Sculptures"
Gaspard and Lisa visit the beach with their class for Art Day, and, even though a wave destroys their sand castle, they learn that the tide can give back as well
25 "Our Big Big Sale"
Gaspard and Lisa help Mamie Mathilde get ready for a junk sale, but when the keys get locked in the car, Lisa saves the day.
26 "Best Friends Forever"
The friendship is threatened when Gaspard learns to whistle and Lisa can't.
27 "Gaspard The Great"
Magician Gaspard thinks he's made Lisa's Grandpere disappear, and they have to 'bring him back' before Maman gets home.
28 "Gaspard Mails A Letter"
Gaspard offers to mail an important letter for Charles by the end of the day but, despite Lisa's help, he keeps forgetting.
29 "Gaspard's Hoppy Friend"
Gaspard and Lisa bring a frog home from the country by mistake, and Gaspard decides to keep it as a pet.
30 "Our Big Baking Disaster"
Granny Mathilde comes over to teach Gaspard and Lisa how to make croissants, but when they add too much yeast to the dough—catastrophe!
31 "Our School Concert"
Gaspard and Lisa bring their instruments home from school to rehearse for the big show, but have to improvise when the instruments get lost.
32 "Our Treasure Hunt"
Gaspard and Lisa have to play pirates when Prince buries Granny Mathilde's bracelet somewhere in the yard.
33 "Our Clubhouse"
Gaspard and Lisa decide to start their own club, but have trouble finding a secret place to meet.
34 "Our Snowy Day"
On a snowy day at school, Gaspard and Lisa build a giant snow bear in the playground, but when they try to move it—catastrophe!
35 "Lisa's Scarf"
Lisa's scarf is carried off by the wind, and she and Gaspard and Monsieur Huget have to track it down.
36 "Lisa's Kitten"
Lisa has found a stray kitten and with Gaspard's help, secretly keeps it in his bedroom until they're found out.
37 "Best Bicycle Friends"
Lisa feels left out when Gaspard learns to ride his bike without training wheels.
38 "Papa's Important Paper"
Gaspard's Papa loses an important piece of paper, and Gaspard and Lisa help him find it, turning his home office upside down in the process.
39 "Best Friends' Baguette"
Gaspard and Lisa are given the important task of buying a baguette, but end up eating it before they get home and have to figure out how to replace it.
40 "Lisa's Hiccups"
When Lisa's dance performance is jeopardized by a case of the hiccups, Gaspard tries to help her get rid of them.
41 "Parrots on the Loose"
Lisa and Gaspard, helping out in M. Delpy's pet store, accidentally let the parrots out of their cage and have to retrieve them before the store opens.
42 "Our Judo Lessons"
Gaspard gets upset when Lisa joins his judo class and becomes better at it than he.
43 "Gaspard's Bag of Trouble"
Gaspard's bag has a hole in it. He, Charles and Lisa have to retrieve all the lost objects, including an important library book.
44 "The Perfect Family"
Lisa helps Gaspard when he accidentally ruins a family photo that was supposed to be a present for his parents.
45 "The Big Bicycle Race"
Gaspard and Lisa accidentally send the local bicycle race off-course and, trying to correct their mistake, end up joining in.
46 "The School Project"
When Gaspard stays home from school with a cold, Lisa has to cope with missing her friend and figure out how to present their school project.
47 "Gaspard's Masterpiece"
Gaspard's art class painting gets lost, and Lisa helps him find it, in the most unusual of places.
48 "Ducks in a Row"
Gaspard and Lisa make friends with a duck at the park, but chaos reigns when the duck invades the family picnic with some of his friends.
49 "Monster Hunters"
When they hear mysterious sounds, Gaspard and Lisa are convinced that there's a monster trapped at Gaspard's and are determined to get rid of it.
50 "Our Best Christmas Ever"
Gaspard and Lisa learn about the true spirit of Christmas when they both ask Santa for the same snow globe — but it's the only one in the world!
51 "Lisa's Little Sister"
In the series finale, Lisa remembers how she felt neglected when her little sister was born, until she realized that she'll always be special to her Maman.


Gaspard and Lisa aired on ABC 4 Kids in Australia (29 July 2011 – 8 May 2015), TVOKids in Canada, TVNZ Kidzone24 in New Zealand, Nick Jr. in Southeast Asia, Disney Junior and CITV in the United Kingdom, and Nick Jr. and Disney Junior in the United States.

International Broadcast

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