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Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology
Established 1971
Location 423 N. Fess Avenue
Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana
Type Archaeology

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology (GBL) is an archaeology research center and museum located in Bloomington, Indiana. It was dedicated in honor of Indiana's first professional archaeologist Glenn A. Black. Black's adulthood was devoted to studying the people of Angel Mounds, a site that is still being worked with today.


The museum was dedicated on April 21, 1971 at the request of Eli Lilly, a close friend of Glenn A. Black, who also endowed the GBL with funds.


The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology holds collections from all over Indiana, materials from 38 other states, and at least 11 other places outside of the United States are included.

Archaeological Collections

Millions of individual items are contained in the GBL's collections. Permanent Collections include archaeological material from excavated sites and from donations, natural and geologic collections, and human skeletal remains from many different sites in the Midwest, including Angel Mounds. The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology also has multiple type collections and a teaching collection for use by schools and tour groups.

Ethnohistory Collections

The Great Lakes and Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Collection contains materials compiled by Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin. These materials describe the history and land usage of groups/tribes in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region from the 1600s until the late 1900s, and records the information gathered by the Indian Claims Commissions (ICC). According to the GBL's website, "This collection contains 469 linear feet of material and is available for use by researchers."

Image/Film Collections

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology has an extensive image collection: it has over 12,000 photographs, 9,000 negatives, 8,200 slides, 50 glass plate images, and 100 16 mm film reels. These materials portray the history of archaeological work in the Midwest since the 1920s. Eli Lilly, Warren K. Moorehead, and Glenn A. Black are some of the professionals shown in these images and films.

Library/Archive Collections

The library and archives located at the GBL are available for on-site research only.

James H. Kellar Library

The James H. Kellar library contains books and other resources available for study. Some materials include: field excavation research reports, maps of individual sites in Indiana, documents conveying the history of the Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology, and many other books relating to archaeology.

Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin Archives

These archives contain:

  • The Great Lakes-Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Collection
  • Eli LIlly Archaeology Papers
  • Glenn A. Black Papers
  • James H. Kellar Papers
  • Jack C. Householder Papers
  • Noel D. Justice Papers
  • Christopher S. Peebles Papers
  • Warren K. Moorehead Papers
  • Edward V. McMichael Papers
  • Douglas S. Byers Papers
  • Clifford Anderson Papers
  • George K. Neuman Papers
  • Sherri Hilgeman Papers
  • Midwest Archaeological Conference Records
  • Cheryl Munson Papers
  • Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology Institutional Records

Taken directly from the GBL's website.

GBL Fieldwork Archives

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory's Fieldwork Archives hold maps, field books, excavation information, and more. Documents relating to Angel Mounds (1939-1965), CRM projects, GBL Field schools, donations, state and federal collections, and records for the Indiana Historical Society are included in this archive.

Midwest Lithic Repository

The GBL's Lithic Raw Material Repository was constructed to create an easier understanding of raw materials from different regions. This repository records over 500 samples of lithics gathered from North America, specifically the Northwest region. Archaeologists, museums, and the government can use this collection to identify types of lithics and work on type collections.

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