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Hoita macrostachya
Scientific classification
H. macrostachya
Binomial name
Hoita macrostachya
(DC.) Rydb.

Hoita longiloba
Hoita rhombifolia
Hoita villosa
Psoralea douglasii
Psoralea macrostachya

Hoita macrostachya is a species of legume known by the common name large leather-root. It is native to California and Baja California where it can be found in moist areas of a number of habitat types. This is a hairy, glandular perennial herb producing a tall, branching stem approaching two meters in maximum height. The sparse, widely spaced leaves are each made up of three leaflets up to 10 centimeters long each attached to a long petiole. The leaflet blades are glandular. The plant produces many clublike raceme inflorescences on sturdy stalks from the stem. The inflorescence contains many purplish pealike flowers. The fruit is a hairy, veiny brown legume pod under a centimeter long containing a kidney-shaped seed.

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