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Hopewell (also, Hopewell Center) is a former unincorporated community in Hopewell Township, Seneca County, Ohio, United States. The U.S. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) lists the location of Hopewell as Unknown.

Hopewell was platted in 1836.

Nearby locations

  • GNIS provides the location of Hopewell Cemetery at 41°08′08″N 83°14′08″W / 41.1355556°N 83.2355556°W / 41.1355556; -83.2355556 (Hopewell Cemetery). This cemetery is still visible on current aerial views.
  • GNIS provides the location of Hopewell Church at 41°08′15″N 83°14′18″W / 41.1375°N 83.2383333°W / 41.1375; -83.2383333 (Hopewell Church). This is the current location of the Hopewell Church of God.
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