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Intertel Society Logo and Insignia.png
Formation 23 November 1966 (1966-11-23)
Founder Ralph B. Haines
Type High IQ society
Official language

Intertel (previously the International Legion of Intelligence) is a high-IQ society founded in 1966, that is open to those who have scored at or above the 99th percentile (top 1%) on one of various standardized tests of intelligence. It has been identified as one of the notable high-IQ societies established since the late 1960s with admissions requirements that are stricter and more exclusive than Mensa.

History and goals

Intertel was founded in 1966 by Ralph Haines, following the example of Roland Berrill and Lancelot Ware (founders of Mensa), who wanted to create an association adapted to the gifted needs without any specific restriction of admission (with the exception of a minimum IQ). Intertel thus became the second oldest organization of this kind, Mensa being the first.

The organizations has three purposes, stated in its constitution:

  • Encouraging a meaningful and lasting intellectual fellowship.
  • Fostering an exchange of ideas on any and all subjects among persons throughout the world with a proven high intelligence.
  • Assisting in research on matters relating to high intelligence.

Organization and activities

Intertel is divided into seven regions, with the majority being in North America. Region VI, also known as International, includes members from the rest of the world.

Aligned with one of the goals stated in its constitution, Intertel's members also participate in research on high intelligence.

In 1978, Intertel established the international "Hollingworth Award" in memory of renowned psychologist Leta Stetter Hollingworth, who specialized in research on gifted children. This award was annually presented until at least 1993, first sponsored by Intertel and then the Intertel Foundation.

Notable past and current members

  • Paul Bechly
  • Ronald K. Hoeflin
  • Taibi Kahler
  • Grover Krantz
  • Gert Mittring
  • Ellen Muth
  • Susan Nigro
  • Robert Prechter
  • Ginny Ruffner
  • E. Lee Spence
  • Cícero Moraes

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