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James, Jim, Jimmy or Jamie Robertson may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • James Robertson (photographer) (1813–1888), English photographer and gem and coin engraver
  • James D Robertson (1931–2010), Scottish painter and senior lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art
  • James Logie Robertson (1846–1922), literary scholar, editor and author
  • James Robertson (conductor) (1912–1991), English conductor and musical director of Sadler's Wells Opera
  • James Robertson (novelist) (born 1958), Scottish novelist and poet
  • Jamie Robertson (born 1981), film score composer from England
  • James Napier Robertson (born 1982), New Zealand writer, film director and producer


  • James Robertson (orientalist) (1714–1795), Scottish minister, professor
  • James I. Robertson Jr. (1930–2019), scholar on the American Civil War and professor at Virginia Tech
  • James Burton Robertson (1800–1877), historian
  • J. R. Robertson (James Robert Robertson, 1867–1928), educator and Freemason in South Australia
  • James Alexander Robertson (1873–1939), American academic historian, archivist, translator and bibliographer
  • James Craigie Robertson (1813–1882), Scottish Anglican churchman and historian
  • James Duncan Robertson (1912–1993), Scottish professor of zoology


  • James Robertson (British Army officer) (1717–1788), civil governor of the Province of New York, 1779–1783
  • James Robertson (Australian Army officer) (1878–1951), Australian Army officer
  • James Peter Robertson (1883–1917), Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Jim Robertson (British Army officer) (1910–2004), British Army officer who commanded the 17th Gurkha Division
  • James Madison Robertson (died 1891), artillery officer in the United States Army


  • James William Robertson (1826–1876), first mayor of Queenstown, New Zealand
  • James Edwin Robertson (1840–1915), Canadian physician and politician
  • James Robertson, Baron Robertson (1845–1909), Scottish judge and Conservative politician
  • James Wilson Robertson (educator) (1857–1930), Canada's first Commissioner of Agriculture and Dairying
  • James B. A. Robertson (1871–1938), American lawyer and governor of Oklahoma
  • James Wilson Robertson (1899–1983), last British Head of Nigeria
  • James Robertson (judge) (1938–2019), United States federal judge
  • Jim Robertson (politician) (born 1945), Australian politician in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
  • James Robertson (Jamaican politician) (born 1966), Minister of Mining and Energy 2009 -May 2011
  • James Robertson (Trotskyist) (1928–2019), National Chairman of the Spartacist League of the United States
  • James N. Robertson (1913–1990), member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives



  • James Robertson (footballer, born 1873) (1873–?), footballer (place of birth unknown)
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1880) (1880–?), Scottish footballer who played as an inside right
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1885) (1885–1968), Scottish football forward (Blackburn Rovers, Falkirk)
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1909) (1909–1979), Scottish footballer who played for Scotland
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1913) (1913–?), for Bradford City
  • James Robertson (footballer, born 1929) (1929–2015), Scottish footballer who played as a winger
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1944), Scottish footballer who played for Scotland
  • Jimmy Robertson (footballer, born 1955), Scottish footballer who played as a left winger
  • Jimmy Robertson (American football) (1901–1974), American football player, coach at Geneva College (1933)
  • Jim Robertson (American football), American football player at Dartmouth College (1919–1921), coach at Oglethorpe University
  • Jim Robertson (footballer) (1903–1985), Australian footballer who played with Carlton in the VFL
  • James Robertson (soccer) (1891–1948), U.S. soccer full back
  • James Robertson (rugby union, born 1883) (1883–?), Scottish international rugby union player
  • James Robertson (rugby union, born 1854) (1854–1900), Scottish rugby union player

Other sports

  • James Robertson (cricketer, born 1850) (1850–1927), Scottish cricketer
  • James Robertson (cricketer, born 1844) (1844–1877), English cricketer
  • Jim Robertson (baseball) (1928–2015), Major League Baseball catcher
  • Jimmy Robertson (snooker player) (born 1986), English snooker player


  • James Robertson (activist) (born 1928), British-born political and economic thinker and activist
  • James Robertson (explorer) (1742–1814), explorer and pioneer in what is now the State of Tennessee
  • James Robertson (grocer) (c. 1831–1914), founder of Robertson's, a UK brand of marmalades and jams
  • James Robertson (monk) (1758–1820), Scottish Benedictine monk and British Napoleonic War intelligence agent
  • James Robertson (psychoanalyst) (1911–1988), psychiatric social worker and psychoanalyst
  • James Robertson Automobiles manufactured the Robertson in Manchester in 1914
  • James Robertson (surveyor) (1753–1829), Scottish mapmaker in Jamaica
  • James Robertson (moderator) (1803–1860), Scottish minister and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

See also

  • James Robertson Justice (1907–1975), British character actor
  • Robertson (disambiguation)
  • James Robinson (disambiguation)
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