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John Anderson may refer to:


  • John Anderson (Scottish businessman) (1747–1820), Scottish merchant and founder of Fermoy, Ireland
  • John Byers Anderson (1817–1897), American educator, military officer and railroad executive, mentor of Andrew Carnegie
  • John Macvicar Anderson (1835–1915), Scottish architect
  • John Anderson (publisher) (1836–1910), Norwegian-American publisher
  • John Anderson (merchant) (1852–1924), Scottish merchant, of Singapore and Eastcote
  • Sir John Anderson, 1st Baronet, of Harrold Priory (1878–1963), Scottish haulage contractor
  • John E. Anderson (1917–2011), American businessman, namesake of the UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • John Anderson (Cal Scale) (1925–2000), founder of Cal Scale model railroad detail parts manufacturer
  • John Anderson (New Zealand businessman, born 1938), New Zealand businessman, founder of Contiki Holidays and professional public speaker
  • Jock R. Anderson (born 1941), Australian agricultural economist
  • John Anderson (inventor) (1942–2012), founder, director and the chief technology officer of HeartSine Technologies
  • John Anderson (New Zealand businessman, born 1945) (1945–2018), chief executive of the ANZ National Bank in New Zealand
  • John Anderson (chairman), non-executive chairman of the North-East Business and Innovation Centre, Sunderland
  • John L. Anderson (shipbuilder) (1868–1941) Seattle steamboat pioneer and shipbuilder



  • John Anderson (jazz trumpeter) (1921–1974), American jazz musician
  • Jon Anderson (John Roy Anderson, born 1944), lead singer of the British band Yes
  • John Anderson (producer) (born 1948), Northern Irish composer and producer
  • John Anderson (musician) (born 1954), American country musician
  • John Anderson (album), 1980 debut album
  • John Anderson, vocalist for the British rock band Charlie (founded 1971)

Theater, television and film

  • John Murray Anderson (1886–1954), Newfoundland-American theater director
  • John Anderson (actor) (1922–1992), American actor
  • John Anderson (TV personality) (born 1931), Scottish television personality, referee on the series Gladiators
  • John Anderson (sportscaster) (born 1965), American television sports journalist and co-host of Wipeout
  • John H. Anderson, American set decorator
  • John Anderson (director) (born 1954), American documentary film director, producer, editor and writer


  • J. Redwood Anderson (1883–1964), English poet
  • John J. Anderson (1956–1989), writer and editor covering computers and technology
  • John David Anderson (born 1975), American writer

Other entertainment

  • John Henry Anderson (1814–1874), Scottish magician
  • John Alvin Anderson (1869–1948), Swedish-American photographer
  • John Cornbread Anderson, American folk artist


  • John Byers Anderson (1817–1897), educator, railroad contractor and United States Army officer
  • John F. Anderson (1832–1902), brigadier general during the American Civil War
  • John B. Anderson (United States Army officer) (1891–1976), American general
  • John W. Anderson (sailor) (1899–1976), Master Mariner and Commodore, United States Lines, Captain, SS United States
  • John Anderson (British Army officer) (1908–1988), first commander of the Ulster Defence Regiment
  • John Evelyn Anderson (1916–2007), British Army officer
  • John Anderson (VC) (1918–1943), English Victoria Cross recipient
  • John Rogers Anderson (born 1941), Canadian admiral and ambassador to NATO


United States

  • John Anderson (New Jersey politician) (1665–1736), colonel who served as acting governor of New Jersey in 1736
  • John Anderson (Maine politician) (1792–1853), United States Representative from Maine
  • John T. Anderson (1804–1879), American politician in Virginia
  • John Alexander Anderson (1834–1892), United States Representative from Kansas
  • John C. Anderson (politician) (1862–?), Wisconsin state assemblyman
  • John Anderson (Wisconsin senator) (1870–1954), Wisconsin state senator
  • Jack Z. Anderson (1904–1981), United States Representative from California
  • John Hope Anderson (1912–2005), American politician in Pennsylvania
  • John Anderson Jr. (1917–2014), Governor of Kansas, 1961–1965
  • John B. Anderson (1922–2017), United States Representative from Illinois and 1980 presidential candidate
  • John C. Anderson (lawyer) (born 1975), United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico
  • John N. Anderson, American politician in California
  • Johnny Anderson (politician), member of the Utah House of Representatives

United Kingdom

  • Sir John Anderson, 1st Baronet, of Mill Hill (died 1813), British politician, MP for City of London, 1793–1806
  • John Anderson (diplomatic writer) (1795–1845), Scottish diplomatic writer
  • John Anderson (colonial administrator) (1858–1918), British governor of Straits Settlements and later of Ceylon
  • John Anderson, 1st Viscount Waverley (1882–1958), British civil servant and politician
  • John Anderson, 3rd Viscount Waverley (born 1949), British peer
  • John Anderson (trade unionist), British trade union leader


  • John Hawkins Anderson (1805–1870), member of the Canadian Senate
  • John Anderson (Newfoundland politician) (1855–1930), Newfoundland businessman and politician
  • John Victor Anderson (1918–1982), Canadian politician in Alberta


  • John Gerard Anderson (1836–1911), Scottish-born educationalist and public servant in colonial Queensland
  • John Anderson (Australian politician) (born 1956), Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the National Party 1999–2005

New Zealand

  • John Anderson (mayor) (1820–1897), mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand, blacksmith, engineer, businessman
  • Crawford Anderson (John Crawford Anderson, c. 1848–1930), New Zealand politician, MP for Bruce electorate

Religion and philosophy

  • John Anderson (theologian and controversialist) (1668–1721), Scottish theologian and controversialist
  • John Anderson (theologian) (1748–1830), founder of the first Presbyterian seminary in America
  • John Anderson (missionary) (1805–1855), Scottish missionary
  • John Hendry Anderson (1854–1913), Anglican rector and instigator of Tooting Bec Lido
  • John Anderson (archbishop of Moosonee) (1866–1943), Anglican Church of Canada metropolitan bishop
  • John Anderson (philosopher) (1893–1962), Australian philosopher
  • John Mueller Anderson (1914–1999), American philosopher
  • John Anderson (bishop of British Columbia) (1912–1969), Anglican Church of Canada bishop


  • John Anderson (natural philosopher) (1726–1796), Scottish natural philosopher
  • John Anderson (physician) (died 1804), English physician
  • John Anderson (zoologist) (1833–1900), Scottish zoologist
  • John Anderson (New Zealand engineer) (1849–1934), Scottish rugby union player and engineer
  • John F. Anderson (scientist) (1873–1958), director of the United States Hygienic Laboratory
  • John August Anderson (1876–1959), American physicist and astronomer
  • John Edward Anderson (psychologist) (1893–1966), American psychologist
  • John Stuart Anderson (1908–1990), British/Australian inorganic chemist
  • John Anderson (pathologist) (1918–2011), British pathologist
  • J. Edward Anderson (born 1927), American engineer
  • John Maxwell Anderson (1928–1982), Scottish surgeon and cancer specialist
  • John Robert Anderson (chemist) (1928–2007), Australian chemist/materials scientist
  • John D. Anderson (born 1937), American aerospace engineer
  • John L. Anderson (born 1945), American chemical engineer
  • John Robert Anderson (psychologist) (born 1947), Canadian psychologist and computer scientist
  • John G. Anderson (born 1948), seismologist


American football

  • John E. Anderson (American football), American college football player and coach
  • John W. Anderson (American football) (1933–1998), American football coach
  • John Anderson (American football) (born 1956), Green Bay Packers linebacker

Association football

  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1878) (1878–?), English footballer who played for Woolwich Arsenal and Portsmouth
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1879) (1879–?), Scottish footballer who played for Chesterfield Town
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1881) (1881–1942), Scottish footballer who played for Heart of Midothian and Falkirk
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1915) (1915–1987), Scottish footballer, scorer for Portsmouth in the 1939 FA Cup Final
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1921) (1921–2006), English footballer, scorer for Manchester United in the 1948 FA Cup Final
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1928) (1928–2001), Scottish footballer who played as an inside forward
  • Johnny Anderson (footballer) (1929–2001), Scottish footballer who most notably played for Leicester City
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1931) (1931–2003), English footballer who played for Grimsby Town
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1937), Scottish-born footballer who played for Stoke City and Australia
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1959), Irish international footballer who played for Newcastle United
  • John Anderson (footballer, born 1972), Scottish footballer best known for playing for Greenock Morton

Baseball and cricket

  • John Anderson (outfielder) (1873–1949), American baseball player
  • John Anderson (pitcher) (1929–1998), American baseball player
  • John Anderson (baseball coach) (born 1955), American baseball coach
  • John Anderson (cricketer, born 1955), Australian cricketer
  • John Anderson (Irish cricketer) (born 1982), Irish cricketer

Other sports

  • John Anderson (Australian footballer) (1888–1957), Australian rules footballer
  • John Anderson (discus thrower) (1907–1948), American Olympic discus thrower
  • John Anderson (runner) (born 1936), British runner
  • John Anderson (bowls) (born 1912), British-South African lawn bowler
  • John Anderson (rugby league) (1913–1984), New Zealand international
  • John Anderson (canoeist) (1924–2001), American sprint canoer
  • John Anderson (ice hockey general manager) (1934–2009), general manager of the Buffalo Sabres
  • John Anderson (sailor) (born 1939), Australian sailor
  • John Anderson (racing driver) (1944–1986), American driver, who is known for a crash at Daytona in 1981
  • John Anderson (ice hockey) (born 1957), Canadian ice hockey player
  • John Anderson (equestrian) (born 1966), Canadian Olympic equestrian
  • John Anderson (hurler) (born 1978), Irish hurler
  • John Anderson (water polo), Canadian water polo player


  • John Anderson (carpenter) (1759–1832), friend of Robert Burns
  • John Anderson (engraver) (1775–?), Scottish engraver
  • John Anderson (genealogist, 1789–1832), Scottish genealogist
  • John Anderson (genealogist, fl. 1825), Scottish genealogist
  • John C. Anderson (judge) (1863–1940), Associate Justice and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
  • John W. Anderson (Iowa judge), justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
  • John Anderson (classical scholar) (1870–1952), Camden Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford
  • John Mathieson Anderson (born 1941), British linguist and Emeritus Professor of English Language at the University of Edinburgh
  • John Anderson (escaped slave), American slave who escaped to Canada in the 1860s, leading to a famous extradition case

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