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John Murray or John Murry may refer to:

Arts and media

Literature and music

  • John Murray (publishing house), a British publishing house, founded by John Murray (1745–1793)
  • John Murray (publisher, born 1778) (died 1843), second head of the publishing house
  • John Murray III (1808–1892), third head of the publishing house
  • John Murray (Australian writer) (born 1963), Australian epidemiologist and writer
  • John Murray (novelist) (born 1950), British novelist
  • John Middleton Murry (1889–1957), writer
  • John Middleton Murry Jr. (1926–2002), English writer
  • John Murry (musician) (born 1979), American musician
  • John Murray Graham (1809–1881), Scottish historian, in early life John Murray

Screen, radio and performing arts

  • John Murray (Irish broadcaster) (born 1964), Irish broadcaster and journalist
  • John Murray (playwright) (1906–1984), American playwright, co-author of Room Service
  • John Murray (sports broadcaster) (born 1966), English sports commentator
  • John T. Murray (1886–1957), Australian-born actor
  • Johnny Murray (voice actor), voice actor known for Bosko, the first star of Warner Brothers cartoons
  • John B. Murray (filmmaker), Australian filmmaker and author


Association football

  • John Murray (footballer, born 1865) (1865–1922), Scottish international footballer who played club football for Vale of Leven, Sunderland, and Blackburn Rovers
  • John Murray (footballer, born 1874) (c. 1874–1933), Scottish international footballer who played club football for Renton and Dundee
  • John Murray (footballer, born 1927) (born 1927), England footballer who played club football for Gillingham
  • John Murray (English footballer) (born 1948), English professional footballer
  • John Murray (Irish footballer) (fl. 1890s), Irish footballer


  • John Murray (athlete) (1881–?), Irish Olympic athlete
  • Jack Murray (Australian footballer) (fl. 1935–1949), Australian rules footballer
  • John Murray (boxer) (born 1984), lightweight English boxer
  • John Murray (cricketer, born 1935) (1935–2018), English cricketer
  • John Murray (cricketer, born 1873), (1873-1916), Scottish cricketer and RAF officer
  • John Murray (ice hockey, born 1924) (1924–2017), British ice hockey player
  • John Murray (ice hockey, born 1987), American ice hockey player
  • John Murray (sports broadcaster) (born 1966), English broadcaster for BBC Radio 5 Live
  • Johnny Murray (1898–1954), Irish footballer during the 1920s
  • Jon Murray (fl. 2000s), head coach of Texas Tech cross country teams
  • John A. Murray (jockey) in Singapore Gold Cup

Law and politics

United Kingdom and Britain

  • John Murray, 1st Earl of Tullibardine (died 1609), Scottish courtier and leader of the Clan Murray
  • John Murray, 1st Earl of Annandale (died 1640), Scottish courtier
  • John Murray, 1st Earl of Annandale, MP for Guildford
  • John Murray, Lord Bowhill (died 1714), MP in the first Parliament of Great Britain 1707–1708
  • John Murray (died 1753), British MP for the Linlithgow Burghs, 1725–1734, Selkirkshire, 1734–1753
  • Lord John Murray (1711–1787), British General and MP for Perthshire, 1734–1761
  • John Murray of Broughton (c. 1718–1777), Jacobite and secretary to Prince Charles Edward Stuart
  • John Murray (1726–1800), British MP for the Linlithgow Burghs, 1754–1761
  • John Murray, 3rd Duke of Atholl (1729–1774), MP for Perthshire 1761–1764, Lord of the Isle of Man from 1764 to 1765
  • John Murray (colonial administrator) (c. 1739–1824), governor of the Cape Breton colony in today's Nova Scotia
  • John Murray (British diplomat) (c. 1712–1775), Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire 1765–1775
  • Sir John Murray, 8th Baronet (c. 1768–1827), British MP for Wootton Bassett 1807–1811, Weymouth & Melcombe Regis 1811–1818
  • John Murray, 5th Duke of Atholl (1778–1846), British Army officer and landowner in Scotland
  • John Murray, Lord Murray (1779–1859), British MP for the Leith Burghs, 1832–1839
  • Sir Hubert Murray (John Hubert Plunkett Murray, 1861–1940), judge and Lieutenant-Governor of Papua
  • John Murray, 11th Duke of Atholl (1929–2012), British peer

Scotland and Ireland

  • John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl (1631–1703), leading Scottish royalist
  • John Murray, 1st Duke of Atholl (1660–1724), Scottish nobleman and politician
  • John Murray (Monaghan MP) (1707–1743), MP for County Monaghan 1741–43
  • John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (1730–1809), colonial governor of Virginia and later the Bahamas
  • John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl (1755–1830), Scottish peer
  • John Wilson Murray (1840–1906), Scottish-born police detective who worked in the US and Canada during the late 19th/early 20th centuries
  • John Murray (Liberal politician) (1879–1964), Scottish civil servant, university administrator and Liberal Party politician
  • John L. Murray (born 1943), Irish judge

United States

  • John Murray (Massachusetts) (1715?-1794), Representative to the Great and General Court of the Province of Massachusetts Bay
  • John Murray (congressman) (1768–1834), United States Representative from Pennsylvania
  • John F. Murray (politician) (1862–1928), second Borough President of The Bronx
  • John L. Murray (representative) (1806–1842), U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • John Porry Murray (1830–1895), Confederate politician
  • John E. Murray Jr. (1932–2015), professor of law and Chancellor of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • John S. Murray (1925–2007), American politician in the state of Washington


  • John Murray (pastoralist) (1837–1917), member of the Queensland Parliament from 1888 to 1903
  • John Murray (Victorian politician) (1851–1916), Premier of Victoria from 1909 to 1912
  • John Murray (Queensland politician) (1915–2009), member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1958 to 1961
  • John Murray (New South Wales politician) (born 1939), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 1982 to 2003


  • John Murray (judge) (1888–1976), Chief Justice of Southern Rhodesia from 1955 to 1961
  • J. R. Murray (John Rose Murray, 1898–1991), Ceylonese accountant and politician in colonial Ceylon


  • John Murray, 2nd Earl of Dunmore (1685–1752), Scottish peer and British Army general
  • Sir John Murray, 8th Baronet (c. 1768–1827), general, led a brigade under the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War
  • John B. Murray (general) (1822–1884), American general
  • John Ivor Murray (1824–1903), Scottish surgeon who practised in China, Hong Kong and then in Sebastopol in the Crimean War
  • Sir John Irvine Murray (1826–1902), Scottish general who raised the 14th Murray's Jat Lancers
  • John Murray (native police officer) (1827–1876), Native Police officer in Queensland, Australia
  • John Murray (VC) (1837–1911), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Murray (Australian Army general) (1892–1951), general in the Australian Army
  • John M. Murray, United States Army general

Religion and theology

  • John Murray (minister) (1741–1815), minister and inspirational figure sometimes called the "founder of American Universalism"
  • John Gardner Murray (1857–1929), Episcopal bishop of Maryland and Presiding Bishop
  • John Gregory Murray (1877–1956), Roman Catholic archbishop of Saint Paul
  • John Murray (theologian) (1898–1975), Scottish-born Calvinist theologian and Presbyterian minister
  • John W. Murray (died 1996), pastor, evangelist, and president of Shelton College
  • John Murray (Provost of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow) (1901–1973), priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • John Courtney Murray (1904–1967), Jesuit priest and theologian
  • John Murray (archdeacon of Dublin) (1916–2005), priest in the Church of Ireland
  • John Murray (archdeacon of Cashel)


  • John Murray (physician) (1778–1820), Scottish geologist and lecturer in various scientific subjects
  • John Murray (science lecturer) (c. 1786–1851), Scottish geologist
  • Sir John Murray (oceanographer) (1841–1914), Scots-Canadian marine biologist credited as the "father of modern oceanography"
  • John O'Kane Murray (1847–1885), Irish physician and author
  • John Murray (geographer) (1883–1940), Scottish educator and author
  • John F. Murray (1927-2020), pulmonologist and researcher


  • John Murray (Australian explorer) (c. 1775–c. 1807), seaman
  • John Murray (abolitionist) (1787–1849), leading light in Glasgow Emancipation Society
  • John Murray (Naperville founder) (1785–1868), one of the original settlers of Naperville, Illinois in 1831
  • John Murray (sheep breeder), father (c. 1812–1886), and son (1841–1908), breeders of merino sheep in South Australia
  • John Lamb Murray (1838–1908), Scottish architect
  • John Bunion Murray (1908–1988), self-taught artist in Glascock County, Georgia

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