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Just Crazy!
Just crazy! aus cover.jpg
Australian cover
Author Andy Griffiths
Illustrator Terry Denton
Cover artist Terry Denton
Country Australia
Language English
Series Just!
Genre Children's fiction, short story
Publisher Pan Macmillan Australia
Publication date
1 August 2000
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 978-0-330-39727-8
Preceded by Just Stupid! 
Followed by Just Disgusting! 

Just Crazy (renamed Just Wacky in Canada), is the fourth book in the Just! series by Andy Griffiths, published by Pan Macmillan Australia. It contains nine short stories centred around Andy Griffiths.

The book won the BILBY Award in the Younger Readers category in 2002 and 2006.



Andy tries to take off a band-aid before school pictures day. When he does get it off after pain, he needs another over his opposite eye, cutting that one. He cuts it by spilling items from the cupboard on the floor, in which he tripped and fell on them with his eye having contact with glass.

The Dog Ate It

For a school project, Andy and Danny built items for their UFO but Andy's Dog, Sooty, swallowed them. Andy and Danny use various tactics so Sooty can throw them up.

A Crazy, Bad, Dumb, Bad, Bad, Dumb, Crazy, Bad Idea

In a school carnival, Andy is holding balloons and then Danny lets go by accident and the balloons are more for people (And Andy) who go for a balloon ride.


Andy must take out the trash. When he loses something in the trash he tries to pick it up inside. His body goes inside the can to get it but when he does the garbage man sends the garbage and Andy into the truck. When Andy gets out the next stop, he finds himself where his girlfriend, Lisa is. Andy was supposed to meet her by this area and displeased at Andy's looks and odor, Lisa leaves and leaves Andy upset as Lisa was planning on kissing him.


Andy has to babysit two of his cousins, Eve and Jemima both of them are having bad behaviour like Eve jumping onto Andy's ceiling fan. And Andy tries to be bad back and they think it's Andy.


Andy basically dreams of destruction and trouble around him and to his house caused by Danny, and when he pinches himself to wake up he just finds himself in another dream.

Kittens, Puppies and Ponies

Andy writes a story of Kittens, Puppies and Ponies about the three playing and having a peaceful time in their town in a short story competition, assuming that this was the judges' demand. Since it fails, Andy mixes it up by making it dreadful and evil. Doing this causes Lisa to be amazed by Andy's writing. However, since Lisa was crying about it, it gave the impression it was a bad thing so he blamed it on Danny. Eventually the story still didn't win, instead Danny was credited for being runner-up in the school's competition of literature.

Learn to Read With Andy

Like a Beginner Reader's book (with a big font as well), Andy gets in trouble by bouncing on the bed, swearing and biting his mother.


Locked out of his house, Andy is nude since the shower towel wrapped around him is taken off by Sooty. Dad sees Andy naked so he tells him to get the clothes. Andy can't open the door after using a special lock on the door. Since both don't have the key to get inside, the two ponder on what to do to get clothes. Knowing Jen and Mum [Mom] are in Mildura to visit their Aunt, Andy slips accidentally on the backyard mud and falls, and the whole back is covered in mud and this brings him an idea. He gets mud on him and tells Dad too. They go through backyards to Dad's work area where they keep overalls in the shed. When they get there, Andy opens the window to get them since the door is locked. It then starts to rain to then they are naked. After it rains Mr. and Mrs. Bainbridge (Dad's boss and his wife) come up in the driveway they see the two on each other trying to break into the shed. As a result, Mr. Bainbridge fires Dad.

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