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Insurance Commissioner of
the State of Kansas
Vicki Schmidt

since January 14, 2019
Formation March 1, 1871

The Kansas Insurance Commissioner (KIC) is in charge of helping the people whose lives are protected by insurance in the state of Kansas. The Insurance Commissioner is elected. The current Insurance Commissioner is Republican Vicki Schmidt.

List of Insurance Commissioners

The office used to called the Superintendent of Insurance. In 1927, the name changed to Commissioner of Insurance.

Kansas State Superintendents of Insurance

Name Term Party
William C. Webb 1871–1873 Republican
Edward Russell 1873–1874 Republican
Harrison Clarkson 1874–1875 Republican
Orrin T. Welch 1875–1883 Republican
Richard B. Morris 1883–1887 Democratic
Daniel W. Wilder 1887–1891 Republican
W. H. McBride 1891–1893 Republican
S. H. Snider 1893–1895 Republican
George T. Anthony 1895–1896 Republican
Alexander P. Riddle 1896–1897 Republican
Webb McNall 1897–1899 Populist
Willard V. Church 1899–1903 Republican
Charles H. Luling 1903–1907 Republican
Charles W. Barnes 1907–1911 Republican
Isaac S. Lewis 1911–1915 Republican
Carey J. Wilson 1915–1919 Republican
Frank L. Travis 1919–1923 Republican
William R. Baker 1923–1927 Republican

Kansas State Commissioners of Insurance

Name Term Party
William R. Baker 1927–1929 Republican
Charles F. Hobbs 1929–1947 Republican
Frank Sullivan 1947–1971 Republican
Fletcher Bell 1971–1991 Republican
Ronald L. Todd 1991–1995 Republican
Kathleen Sebelius 1995–2003 Democratic
Sandy Praeger 2003–2015 Republican
Ken Selzer 2015–2019 Republican
Vicki Schmidt 2019–present Republican
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