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Kernel can mean:

  • A seed, in plants
  • The atomic nucleus
  • Kernel (computer science), the central component of most operating systems
  • The kernel trick in machine learning
  • In game theory, a cooperative solution concept
  • Kernel (programming language), a Scheme-like language
  • Kernel (Lilo & Stitch), experiment 014 from the Lilo & Stitch cartoon series
  • Kernel Fleck, a character in the Demonata series of books
  • In mathematics:
    • Kernel (mathematics)
    • Positive definite kernel
    • Kernel (algebra)
    • Kernel (linear operator)
    • Kernel (matrix)
    • Kernel of a function
    • Kernel of an integral transform
    • Kernel (statistics)
    • Stochastic kernel
    • Convolution kernel, as of a linear filter
    • Kernel (category theory)
    • Heat kernel
    • Polygon kernel
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