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The Key Words Reading Scheme is a series of 36 English language early readers children's books, published by the British publishing company, Ladybird Books. The series are also often referred to as Peter and Jane, the names of the main characters.

PeterAndJane 1a PlayWithUs 1964
Peter and Jane Book 1a Play with Us.
Original 1964 front cover, illustrated by Harry Wingfield
PeterAndJane 1a PlayWithUs 9781844223602H
Peter and Jane Book 1a Play with Us, ISBN: 1-84422-360-4.
Current edition, with cover styling updated in 2004 and the more contemporary late 1970s underlying artwork

List of books

  1. 1a: Play with us
  2. 1b: Look at this
  3. 1c: Read and write
  4. 2a: We have fun
  5. 2b: Have a go
  6. 2c: I like to write
  7. 3a: Things we like
  8. 3b: Boys and girls
  9. 3c: Let me write
  10. 4a: Things we do
  11. 4b: Fun at the farm
  12. 4c: Say the sound
  13. 5a: Where we go
  14. 5b: Out in the sun
  15. 5c: More sounds to say
  16. 6a: Our friends
  17. 6b: We like to help
  18. 6c: Reading with sounds
  19. 7a: Happy holiday
  20. 7b: Fun and games
  21. 7c: Easy to sound
  22. 8a: Sunny days
  23. 8b: The big house
  24. 8c: Fun with sounds
  25. 9a: Games we like
  26. 9b: Jump from the sky
  27. 9c: Enjoying reading
  28. 10a: Adventure on the island
  29. 10b: Adventure at the castle
  30. 10c: Learning is fun
  31. 11a: Mystery on the island
  32. 11b: The carnival
  33. 11c: Books are exciting
  34. 12a: The holiday camp mystery
  35. 12b: Mountain adventure
  36. 12c: The open door to reading


Few changes have been made to the books since the 1970s, and they may be considered a source of social history. The books make use of the whole word or "look and say" technique which is generally considered outmoded as a method of reading education when not used in conjunction with phonics. Nevertheless, the books remain on sale in 2013, priced relatively cheaply at around £2.99 per book.

Worldwide sales

In some Asian countries, particularly those which are also part of the British Commonwealth, the books are still widely used as a teaching aid in nurseries, preschools and kindergartens.

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