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Leiopelma waitomoensis
Temporal range: Late Holocene
Conservation status

Extinct  (yes) (NZ TCS)
Scientific classification

The Waitomo frog (Leiopelma waitomoensis) is an extinct species of the genus Leiopelma from New Zealand.

The Waitomo frog's distribution was solely in the North Island of New Zealand. Its extinction is believed to have happened during the last 1000 years. Its subfossil remains were discovered at a cave near Waitomo. L. waitomoensis was a large, robust frog, and presumably many times heavier than other native frogs. It was around 100 mm in length, about twice the size of any other native New Zealand frogs. It was first described by Trevor H. Worthy in 1987 along with the Aurora frog and Markham's frog.

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