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A Commissioners' church is an Anglican church in the United Kingdom built with money voted by Parliament as a result of the Church Building Act 1818, and subsequent related Acts. Such churches have been given a number of titles, including "Commissioners' Churches", "Waterloo Churches" and "Million Act Churches". In some cases the Commissioners provided the full cost of the new church; in other cases they provided a grant and the balance was raised locally. This list contains the Commissioners' churches in the East of England and in South East England.


Grade Criteria
Grade I Buildings of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important.
Grade II| Particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
Grade II Buildings of national importance and special interest.
"—" denotes a work that is not graded.


Name and location Photograph Date Grant
in £
Architect Notes and refs. Grade
St Paul, Southsea, Hampshire
1820–22 16,869 Francis Goodwin Gothic Revival with four turrets. Bombed about 1941; demolished.
St John the Divine, Chatham, Kent
51°22′56″N 0°31′21″E / 51.3823°N 0.5224°E / 51.3823; 0.5224 (Church of St John the Devine, Chatham)
Railway Street, Chatham - - 847371.jpg 1821–22 13,797 Robert Smirke Neoclassical Doric with a tower. Closed in 2004. II*
St Mary the Virgin, Bransgore, Hampshire
50°46′36″N 1°43′49″W / 50.7766°N 1.7302°W / 50.7766; -1.7302 (St Mary's Church, Bransgore)
St. Mary's Church, Bransgore - - 35096.jpg 1822 2,649 Joseph Hannaford Gothic Revival with a tower. Chancel added 1873. II
St George,
Ramsgate, Kent
51°20′10″N 1°25′04″E / 51.3361°N 1.4178°E / 51.3361; 1.4178 (St George's Church, Ramsgate)
St George's Church, Ramsgate.jpg
1824–27 9,000 Henry Hemsley Gothic Revival with a west tower. Restored in 1884 and again in 1946. I
Holy Trinity, Margate, Kent
1825–28 10,000 William Edmunds Gothic Revival with a tower. Bombed and demolished.
St Peter, Brighton,
East Sussex
50°49′43″N 0°08′05″W / 50.8285°N 0.1348°W / 50.8285; -0.1348 (St Peter's Church, Brighton)
1826–28 4,858 Charles Barry Gothic Revival with a west tower. Chancel added 1906. II*
Holy Trinity,
Maidstone, Kent
51°16′30″N 0°31′33″E / 51.2750°N 0.5257°E / 51.2750; 0.5257 (Holy Trinity Church, Maidstone)
Holy Trinity Church, Maidstone.jpg
1826–28 7,373 John Whichcord Neoclassical Doric with a tower and steeple. Converted. II
Holy Trinity,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
51°07′58″N 0°15′44″E / 51.1328°N 0.2622°E / 51.1328; 0.2622 (Holy Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells)
Holy Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells.jpg 1827–29 8,059 Decimus Burton Gothic Revival with a west tower. II*
St John, Forton, Hampshire
1829–30 3,731 Benjamin Bramble Gothic Revival with a bell turret. Replaced in 1890.
All Saints, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
50°48′18″N 1°05′10″W / 50.8049°N 1.0861°W / 50.8049; -1.0861 (All Saints Church, Portsea)
All Saints Church, Church Street, Landport, Portsmouth (NHLE Code 1387021) (November 2017) (3).JPG 1825–27 13,682 Jacob Owen Gothic Revival with a bell turret. Bombed and restored. II
Holy Trinity, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
51°41′32″N 0°02′01″W / 51.6922°N 0.0337°W / 51.6922; -0.0337 (Christ Church, Waltham Cross)
Christ Church Waltham Cross Herts - - 348774.jpg 1831–32 1,783 Edward Blore Gothic Revival with a belfry. Chancel added 1913. Renamed Christ Church. II
St Peter,
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
52°36′10″N 1°43′51″E / 52.6029°N 1.7309°E / 52.6029; 1.7309 (St Peter's Church, Great Yarmouth)
Former St Peter's Church, Great Yarmouth.jpg 1831–33 5,755 Joseph John Scoles Gothic Revival in brick with a tower. Now Greek Orthodox. II
Holy Trinity, Dover, Kent
1833–35 3,556 William Edmunds Gothic Revival with a two turrets and spires. Demolished.
Holy Trinity,
Sheerness, Kent
51°26′23″N 0°45′50″E / 51.4398°N 0.7638°E / 51.4398; 0.7638 (Holy Trinity Church, Sheerness)
Holy Trinity, Sheerness - - 1805878.jpg 1835–36 2,595 George Ledwell Taylor Gothic Revival in brick with a tower. II
Christ Church, Brighton,
East Sussex
1837–38 500 George Cheesman Gothic Revival with an east tower and spire. Demolished.
Christ Church, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
52°12′28″N 0°08′00″E / 52.2079°N 0.1334°E / 52.2079; 0.1334 (Christ Church, Cambridge)D
1837–39 500 Ambrose Poynter Tudor Revival in brick with two west turrets. II
St Mary, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1838 1,003 Thomas Ellis Owen Gothic Revival with a tower. Demolished about 1888.
St John, Brighton,
East Sussex
50°49′26″N 0°07′53″W / 50.8239°N 0.1315°W / 50.8239; -0.1315 (St John's Church, Brighton)
St John the Evangelist's Church, Brighton.jpg 1838–39 1,000 George Cheesman Neoclassical Doric style. Now Greek Orthodox Church. II
Holy Trinity, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1839–40 1,086 A. F. Livesay Gothic Revival with a bell turret. In ruins.
St Paul, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
52°11′51″N 0°07′46″E / 52.1976°N 0.1294°E / 52.1976; 0.1294 (St Paul's Church, Cambridge)
1840–41 300 Ambrose Poynter Tudor Revival in brick with a west tower. Chancel added 1864; transepts in 1893. II
St James, Milton, Hampshire
1840–41 150 A. F. Livesay Norman Revival with a bell turret. Replaced in 1913.
Holy Trinity, Coates, Cambridgeshire
52°33′45″N 0°04′33″W / 52.5626°N 0.0758°W / 52.5626; -0.0758 (Holy Trinity Church, Coates)
Holy Trinity Church, Coates - - 85290.jpg 1841 250 James William Wild Norman Revival in brick with a northeast tower. Aisles added in 1874 and 1890. II
Holy Trinity,
Halstead, Essex
51°56′36″N 0°37′47″E / 51.9434°N 0.6296°E / 51.9434; 0.6296 (Holy Trinity Church, Halstead)
Holy Trinity church, Halstead, Essex - - 213377.jpg 1843–44 500 George Gilbert Scott and William Moffatt Gothic Revival with a southwest tower and spire. II*
St Peter, Southampton, Hampshire
50°54′33″N 1°24′39″W / 50.9091°N 1.4108°W / 50.9091; -1.4108 (St Peter's Church, Southampton)
St Peter's Church, Southampton.jpg 1843–44 350 Owen Carter Norman Revival with a tower and spire. Redundant since 1981. II
St Thomas, West Hyde, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
51°36′53″N 0°30′41″W / 51.6148°N 0.5115°W / 51.6148; -0.5115 (St Thomas' Church, West Hyde)
West Hyde, The Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury - - 98113.jpg 1844 300 Thomas Smith Norman Revival with a turret. II
Holy Trinity, Milton, Kent
1844–45 600 James Wilson Gothic Revival style.
Holy Trinity,
Oxford, Oxfordshire
1844–45 300 Henry Underwood Gothic Revival with a bell turret.
St John the Evangelist, King's Lynn, Norfolk
1845–46 500 Anthony Salvin Gothic Revival with a tower. Bombed; demolished.
St Paul, Brighton,
East Sussex
50°49′19″N 0°08′41″W / 50.8220°N 0.1446°W / 50.8220; -0.1446 (St Paul's Church, Brighton)
St Paul's Church, West Street, Brighton (May 2013).JPG
1846–48 1,000 Richard Cromwell Carpenter Gothic Revival with a tower. Spire added 1874; narthex 1887. II*
St James, Gravesend, Kent
1848–52 200 Samuel Daukes Gothic Revival with towers. Demolished 1968.
All Saints', Hockerill, Hertfordshire
1850–51 160 George Pritchett Gothic Revival style. Burnt down in 1935 and replaced in 1936. II
Christ Church, South Banbury, Oxfordshire
1851–52 350 Benjamin Ferrey Gothic Revival with a tower and spire. Steeple added 1880. Demolished.
All Saints, Leavesden, Watford, Hertfordshire
51°41′44″N 0°23′18″W / 51.6955°N 0.3884°W / 51.6955; -0.3884 (All Saints Church, Leavesden)
1852–53 125 George Gilbert Scott Gothic Revival style. Additions in 1920. II
St John the Baptist,
Hove, East Sussex
50°49′37″N 0°09′54″W / 50.8269°N 0.1649°W / 50.8269; -0.1649 (St John's Church, Hove)
St John the Baptist, Church Road, Hove 02.JPG
1853 5 William and Edward Habershon Gothic Revival style. Tower and spire added 1859. II
St Luke, Southampton, Hampshire
50°54′50″N 1°23′54″W / 50.9139°N 1.3982°W / 50.9139; -1.3982 (St Luke's Church, Southampton)
Southampton, gurdwara.jpg 1853 250 John Elliott Gothic Revival with a turret. Now a Sikh temple. II
Holy Trinity, Winchester, Hampshire
51°03′53″N 1°18′40″W / 51.0648°N 1.3112°W / 51.0648; -1.3112 (Holy Trinity Church, Winchester)
Holy Trinity Church, Winchester.jpg 1853 300 Henry Woodyer Gothic Revival with a turret. II*
St Paul, Chatham, Kent
1853–54 300 Alexander Gough Norman Revival with a tower. Restored 1890, demolished.
Christ Church, Lee Park, Kent
1853–54 5 George Gilbert Scott Gothic Revival style. Steeple added 1877. Demolished.
Christ Church, Milton, Kent
1854–56 125 Richard Cromwell Carpenter Gothic Revival with a central tower. Enlarged 1870. Replaced 1934.
Christ Church, Northam, Southampton
1855–56 175 Alfred Lock and John Duckett Gothic Revival in brick. Demolished about 1890.
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