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This is a list of UPA theatrical cartoons featuring Mr. Magoo. Most of the films listed were released by Columbia Pictures, but the final three (Magoo Meets Boing-Boing, Magoo Meets Frankenstein, and I Was a Teenage Magoo) were distributed by UPA themselves.


Directors are given for each short.


  • Ragtime Bear (John Hubley)


  • Spellbound Hound (Hubley)
  • Trouble Indemnity (Pete Burness, Hubley)
  • Bungled Bungalow (Burness, Hubley)


  • Barefaced Flatfoot (Hubley)
  • Fuddy Duddy Buddy (Hubley)
  • Grizzly Golfer (Burness)


  • Sloppy Jalopy (Burness)
  • The Dog Snatcher (Burness)
  • Pink and Blue Blues (Burness)
  • Hotsy Footsy (William Hurtz)
  • Captains Outrageous (Burness)


(all cartoons directed by Pete Burness)
  • Safety Spin
  • Magoo's Masterpiece
  • Magoo Slept Here


(all cartoons directed by Pete Burness)
  • Magoo Goes Skiing
  • Kangaroo Courting
  • Destination Magoo
  • When Magoo Flew


(all cartoons directed by Pete Burness)
  • Magoo's Check-Up
  • Magoo's Express
  • Madcap Magoo
  • Stage Door Magoo
  • Magoo Makes News


(all cartoons directed by Pete Burness)
  • Magoo's Canine Mutiny
  • Magoo Goes West
  • Calling Doctor Magoo
  • Magoo Beats the Heat
  • Magoo's Puddle Jumper
  • Trailblazer Magoo
  • Magoo's Problem Child
  • Meet Mother Magoo


  • Magoo Goes Overboard (Burness)
  • Matador Magoo (Burness)
  • Magoo Breaks Par (Burness)
  • Magoo's Glorious Fourth (Burness)
  • Magoo's Masquerade (Rudy Larriva)
  • Magoo Saves the Bank (Burness)
  • Rock Hound Magoo (Burness)
  • Magoo's Moose Hunt (Robert Cannon)
  • Magoo's Private War (Larriva)


  • Magoo's Young Manhood (Burness)
  • Scoutmaster Magoo (Cannon)
  • The Explosive Mr. Magoo (Burness)
  • Magoo's Three-Point Landing (Burness)
  • Magoo's Cruise (Larriva)
  • Love Comes to Magoo (Tom McDonald)
  • Gumshoe Magoo (Gil Turner)


  • Bwana Magoo (McDonald)
  • Magoo's Homecoming (Turner)
  • Merry Minstrel Magoo (Larriva)
  • Magoo's Lodge Brother (Larriva)
  • Terror Faces Magoo (Jack Goodford, Chris Ishii)
  • 1001 Arabian Nights (Jack Kinney)
  • Magoo Meets Boing Boing (The Noise-Making Boy) (Abe Levitow)


  • Magoo Meets Frankenstein (Levitow, Turner)
  • I Was a Teenage Magoo (Clyde Geronimi)
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