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List of Pennsylvania state historical markers in McKean County facts for kids

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Map of Pennsylvania highlighting McKean County
Location of McKean County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in McKean County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in McKean County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 16 historical markers located in McKean County.

Historical markers

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Allegheny Portage Allegheny Portage marker.jpg August 10, 1949 Junction US 6 & PA 155, Port Allegany
41°48′21″N 78°16′39″W / 41.80578°N 78.27753°W / 41.80578; -78.27753 (Allegheny Portage)
Roadside Native American, Navigation, Paths & Trails, Transportation
Bradford Oil Refinery Bradford Oil Refinery marker.jpg September 9, 2006 At refinery entrance, 77 North Kendall Avenue & Brad Penn Way, Bradford
41°58′01″N 78°37′41″W / 41.96698°N 78.62797°W / 41.96698; -78.62797 (Bradford Oil Refinery)
Roadside Business & Industry, Oil & Gas
Bucktails, The The Bucktails marker.jpg August 8, 1949 Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US 6) at courthouse, Smethport
41°48′34″N 78°26′50″W / 41.80958°N 78.44723°W / 41.80958; -78.44723 (Bucktails, The)
Roadside Civil War, Military
Ceres TransparentPlaceholder.png August 8, 1949 PA 44 at bridge, Ceres
41°59′55″N 78°16′08″W / 41.998717°N 78.268767°W / 41.998717; -78.268767 (Ceres)
Roadside Ethnic & Immigration
Dr. Edward H. McCleery Dr Edward H McCleery marker.jpg July 23, 2016 At former Wolf Park site, Grand Army of the Republic (US 6) near Wolf Farm Road, east of Kane
41°41′14″N 78°43′10″W / 41.687248°N 78.719356°W / 41.687248; -78.719356 (Dr. Edward H. McCleery)
Roadside Environment
Holley Motor Company Holley Motor Company marker.jpg September 13, 2008 57 Holley Avenue & Hoffman Avenue, Bradford
41°58′09″N 78°37′39″W / 41.969183°N 78.627500°W / 41.969183; -78.627500 (Holley Motor Company)
City Business & Industry, Military
Kinzua Viaduct Phot kinzuabridge2.jpg August 15, 1982 Kinzua Bridge State Park, off SR 3011, 3.5 miles northeast of Mount Jewett (Missing as of 7-23-04)(rededicated 2011)
41°45′34″N 78°35′13″W / 41.759336°N 78.586914°W / 41.759336; -78.586914 (Kinzua Viaduct)
Roadside Business & Industry, Transportation
McKean County McKean County marker.jpg October 14, 1981 County Courthouse, 500 West Main Street (US 6), Smethport
41°48′35″N 78°26′50″W / 41.80968°N 78.44723°W / 41.80968; -78.44723 (McKean County)
City Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century, Oil & Gas
Mt. Equity Plantation Mt Equity Plantation marker.jpg August 11, 1949 Turtle Point-Larabee Road (PA 155), near Rock Run Road, just northwest of Turtlepoint
41°52′42″N 78°20′55″W / 41.87838°N 78.34863°W / 41.87838; -78.34863 (Mt. Equity Plantation)
Roadside Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century
Port Allegany Port Allegheny south marker.jpg October 12, 1948 Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US 6), west edge of Port Allegany
41°49′10″N 78°17′22″W / 41.819428°N 78.289553°W / 41.819428; -78.289553 (Port Allegany)
Roadside Business & Industry, Cities & Towns, Early Settlement, Transportation
Port Allegany TransparentPlaceholder.png October 12, 1948 In park, Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US 6) between Maple and West Mill Streets, Port Allegany
41°48′40″N 78°16′50″W / 41.811176°N 78.280581°W / 41.811176; -78.280581 (Port Allegany)
Roadside Business & Industry, Cities & Towns, Early Settlement, Transportation
Seneca Spring Seneca Spring marker-1.jpg September 28, 1951 Brickyard Road (PA 321) near Hemlock Avenue, S of Kane
41°39′28″N 78°48′01″W / 41.65785°N 78.80035°W / 41.65785; -78.80035 (Seneca Spring)
Roadside Environment, Native American, Transportation
Smethport Aerial shot of Smethport, PA taken by Pilot Jim Line.JPG August 8, 1949 At courthouse, 500 West Main Street (US 6), Smethport
41°48′34″N 78°26′51″W / 41.80958°N 78.44748°W / 41.80958; -78.44748 (Smethport)
Roadside Cities & Towns, Government & Politics 19th Century
St. Mary's Church St Marys Church marker-1.jpg July 7, 1985 At church, Newell Creek Road, off PA 155 northeast of Turtlepoint
41°54′10″N 78°20′20″W / 41.902850°N 78.338867°W / 41.902850; -78.338867 (St. Mary's Church)
Roadside Ethnic & Immigration, Religion
Thomas L. Kane TLKane.jpg June 29, 1980 30 Chestnut Street (Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel), Kane
41°39′28″N 78°48′32″W / 41.657750°N 78.808750°W / 41.657750; -78.808750 (Thomas L. Kane)
City Civil War, Military, Religion
Tidewater Pipe Co. Tidewater Pipe Co marker-1.jpg August 8, 1949 Farmers Valley-Eldred Road, Coryville
41°52′57″N 78°23′54″W / 41.882500°N 78.398433°W / 41.882500; -78.398433 (Tidewater Pipe Co.)
Roadside Business & Industry, Oil & Gas, Transportation
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