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This is a list of the characters in The Sarah Jane Adventures series.

Main Characters

Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith is a journalist who writes about and fights aliens. She used to travel through time and space with a man called The Doctor. Now she lives on Bannerman road with her adopted son, Luke.

Luke Smith

Luke was made by the Bane to observe human brain patterns and is an assembly to the whole human race. In Series 4, Luke was haunted by the Nightmare Man and Luke's first dream would bring serious problems to the human race. In Series 2, Mrs Wormwood returns, kiddnapping Luke.

Maria Jackson

Maria is a good friend to Sarah Jane and the others. In the first episode, Invasion of the Bane, Maria's friend Kelsey Hooper took her to the Bubbleshock factory, where Maria met Luke after he got activated, and where Maria's life changed- forever.

She was in episodes between Invasion of the Bane and the Last Sontaran. She also appeared for a short while in the Mark of the Berserker.

Clyde Langer

Clyde is a member of the group, and helps Sarah Jane.

he first started in the episode in the revenge of the slitheen

Rani Chandra

Rani first arrived on Bannerman Road when her dad became headmaster of the local school.


K-9 is Sarah Jane's robot dog.

Other Characters

Alan Jackson

He is Maria's father. He is divorced and for the majority of the series, he was unaware that his daughter was secretly fighting aliens. At the end of Series One, he found out and decided that he was going to help. He recently took a job in America, meaning that he had to take Maria with him.


Chrissie is Maria's mum. She cannot remember Sarah Jane's name and has been heard calling her Suzie-Q, Sally-Anne, Mary Jane and Calamity Jane.

Haresh and Gita Chandra

Rani's parents. Haresh is the headmaster of the local High School and although he's very friendly, he does dislike it when children are naughty. In comparison, his wife, Gita is very forgetful, and calls Sarah-Jane 'Sarah'.

The Doctor

He's a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Sarah Jane once travelled with him in Time and Space and after telling the others about her wonderful adventures, they eventually get to meet him at Sarah Jane's wedding.



This alien can enter people's body's and take over speech and movement. They are very tricky to spot because of this.

Ancient Lights

These are lights from before the Big Bang with a lot of powers. The Ancient Lights took over Martin Trueman and started to use him to prophesise an end to the world. They tried to take over people starsign by starsign. he used people to get rich instead of cleaning toilets


Large, tentacle-covered aliens which can disguise themselves as humans. They can slightly mind-read and tried to enslave the human race with Bubble Shock, Invasion of the Bane. They also tried to create the Perfect Human and this was Luke Smith.


These were a group of aliens which wore pendants, allowing them to obtain psychic powers. A Beserker Pendant was found by a boy at Park Vale School and this allowed his to do as he pleased. It was later found by Clyde's father. When they hold the pendant it's most common that they will have blue lines across their body.


The Blathereen are similar to the Slitheen (see below) in the fact that they are a family and not a species. The Blathereen, unlike the Slitheen, are orange and their main aim is to spread peace throughout the universe. Sarah Jane and the gang was tricked by a pair of Blathereen-Slitheen to trust them. They planted a poisonous plant around the Earth and people everywhere grew sick.


She is a red alien from an unknown species that escaped during a war between her people and the Daleks. Her Ship crashed in a seaside resort in Danemouth and Ship ordered the caretaker of a funfair to look after her until it had rebuilt.


One look at the Gorgon and you will turn to stone. That's what happened to Maria's father. They originate from the planet Gorgos.


The Groske are a different race to the Graske, they are notably blue instead of pink in skin colour. Some Groske crash-landed and were found by U.N.I.T. in 2006. Since then they have earned their keep as workmen in U.N.I.T. bases. Groske can be mistaken for Graske if you have not met them before, as Clyde, Rani and Sarah-Jane find out in Death of the Doctor, but Groske seem to have a hatred for the Graske. This two-part episode is the first appearance of the Groske.


Interstellar thug police from the planet Jadoon and resemble rhino-headed soldiers. They are hired by others to solve crimes. In Prisoner of the Judoon, one was seen chasing an Androvax. They wear a black uniform.

Krislok the Graske

From the planet Griffoth, Krislok works for the Trickster and steals people from Time and Space and allows the Trickster to make them vanish from the Time Lines. Krislok was also tricked by the Trickster as his spaceship was about to crash into working for him for Eternity.

Kudlak, General

He is a member of the bug-like species Uvodni. He was a warrior for his species until he was injured and had to stop. He took control of Laser Tag centres across the world and the winning children were beamed up to a space station far above Earth to be prepared to fight in a war. Little did the General know, the war was actually over. With that, the children were returned.

Mona Lisa

The famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci came alive due to an alien organism in the paint that Leonardo used. Hidden below the art gallery is a painting so terrifying that they call it The Abomination.

Mr Smith

Mr Smith is Sarah Jane's supercomputer that she hides in her wall. It is really a Xylock- an alien race that has a huge memory store. It first communicated with Sarah Jane's laptop when she bought the house and it promised Sarah Jane that he would help her in keeping the Earth safe for as long as he was functional. There is occasional banter between it and K-9.


The Slitheen are a family of aliens from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius. They go around the galaxy causing trouble and their main aim in life is to make as much money as possible regardless of whom they harm in the process. In The Lost Boy, they planned to bring the moon crashing down. To defeat these green monsters, you need to throw vinegar-based products on them, as they are made of calcium and the result is a huge, gooey explosion.


Clone species from the planet Sontar. They love wars and will do anything for a fight. They complained in Doctor Who for not being allowed to take part in the Time War.

Star Poets

Star Poets are a race of fictional aliens. After Maria Jackson saw Sarah Jane Smith talking to one in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode called Invasion of the Bane. It was revealed that Sarah Jane was using the Star Poet for help with a poem. Sarah Jane was given a device that would bring the Star Poet back, if she ever needed its help again. Another member of the same species, with the name Mary, was seen in the "Torchwood" episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts". Torchwood showed that the race can communicate telepathically using pendants and Sarah Jane Adventures showed that they could also fly. On the official Sarah Jane Adventures website, Mr Smith stated that they were "Butterfly People"", but there have been many Torchwood references to them as being "Arcateenian". In situations like this, the continuity is left unknown.


An evil being with no eyes hidden within a veil. All he wants to do is wreak havoc. He first took Sarah Jane out of her Time Line and replaced her with Andrea Yates- something that never happened. Because of this, the end of the world nearly happened. Secondly, he tempted Sarah Jane to save her parents that she never knew before they died and she did so and the whole Earth paid the price. Without parents, she never met the Doctor and without Sarah Jane, the Doctor failed to save the Earth and it was enslaved by the Trickster. During an episode of Doctor Who, Turn Left, one of the Trickster's Brigade, a Time Beetle, latched onto Donna Noble and made her turn right instead of left. She never met the Doctor, the Doctor died and so did everyone else in the whole universe. Finally, the Trickster tricked Sarah Jane's fiancé into saving his own life and marrying Sarah Jane. Although he did love Sarah Jane, if Sarah Jane married him, she'd forget about the Earth and leave it wide open to attacks. With the help of the Doctor and the sacrifice of her fiancé, the Earth was once again safe.

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