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The Mayor of Chico, California is the chair of the City Council of Chico, California. The city of Chico has a council–manager form of local government. The city council holds its first meeting after the election of new and re-elected council members on the first Tuesday in December of even-numbered years. At this meeting, the mayor is chosen by and from among the members of the Chico City Council. The mayor serves for a term of two years. The office of mayor is a nonpartisan office. In the absence of both the Mayor and Vice Mayor, the Council may choose one of its members to act as Mayor Pro Tempore. The current mayor of Chico, is Scott Gruendl.

Presidents of the Board of Trustees (1872–1923)

The city became incorporated on January 8, 1872. In that year, the first Chico Board of Trustees was established. This body was the predecessor of the modern Chico City Council, and its president acted as mayor. The first municipal election was February 5, 1872 with 217 votes cast for trustees elected at-large. Municipal elections were annual and the term for a trustee was two years. However, the first trustees had to draw lots to determine who would serve for a one, two or three-year term. This was to provide that there would only be either two or three seats up for election in any given year henceforth. The chair of the board was chosen by and from among the board's members and titled its President.

On April 12, 1897, the city had its first election under the ward system. Beginning in 1899, municipal elections would be only held every two years

Name Beginning of term End of term
George W. Dorn 1872 1873
Hiram Batchelder 1873 1876
Charles Ball 1876 1879
Newman Johnson 1879 1882
Charles Ball 1882 1885
George Snook 1885 1886
James Davison 1886 1888
Michael Mery 1888 1889
John Wayland 1889 1890
Michael Mery 1890 1891
Jonas Hoyl 1891 1892
George Snook 1892 1894
Frederick C. Williams 1895 1897
J. Ellis Rodley 1897 1899
Oliver Lovell Clark 1899 1907
William Robbie 1907 1919
Sherman Reynolds 1919 1923
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