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The city of Malden, Missouri, located in Missouri's 8th congressional district in southeastern Missouri, is the second-largest city in Dunklin County, Missouri.

Mayor Took office Left office Additional information
George Wilbur Peck
  • (1848-1910)
c. 1910 Father of future mayor Chester Roehl Peck.
R. A. Cox c. 1917-1918
Chester Roehl Peck
  • (1889-1958)
c. 1945 1948 Son of former mayor George Wilbur Peck.
Jason E. Hunt 1949 1951
Chester Roehl Peck
  • (1889-1958)
1951 1953 (Previously served as mayor.)
Russell Ferguson 1953 1955
Ralph Meyer 1955 1957
Raymond Santie 1957 c. 1960
Jason E. Hunt c. 1960 1965 (Previously served as mayor.)
R. J. "Ronnie" Dirks
  • (1922-2011)
1965 1968 He was awarded the Silver Star while serving with the U. S. Army Air Forces in the Mediterranean Theater during World War II.
Sparrel W. Davis 1969 1973
G. H. Anderson 1973 1977
Sparrel W. Davis 1977 1981 (Previously served as mayor.)
Phillip A. Santie 1981 1989
W. M. Johnson 1989 c. 1993
Clark Duckett c. 1993 1997 Chairman of the Malden Board of Public Works.
Cecil Weeks, Jr. c. 1997 2001
Mary Lou Bearden
  • (1928-2012)
2001 She was also elected as city treasurer, city clerk, and deputy city clerk.
Ray Santie c. 2013
  • Missouri Secretary of State official manuals
  • Chester Roehl Peck,
  • George Wilbur Peck,


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