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Mayor of Pittsburgh
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City of Pittsburgh Coat of Arms
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Bill Peduto

since January 6, 2014
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Ebenezer Denny
Formation 1816
Salary $108,131 (2013)
Website Office of the Mayor

The Mayor of Pittsburgh is the chief executive of the government of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, as stipulated by the Charter of the City of Pittsburgh. This article is a listing of past (and present) mayors of Pittsburgh.

Prior to the 1816 city charter, the Borough of Pittsburgh had its council elect a "Chief Burgess" among themselves. After the borough rechartered itself as a city, its first seven "mayors" were selected in a similar fashion as the Chief Burgesses had been under borough council. It was not until Mayor Samuel Pettigrew in the 1830s that general elections of popular vote were conducted among all the city's voters to determine who would hold the mayors office. Pettigrew was both the last "selected by council" mayor and the first "generally elected" mayor of Pittsburgh. From 1901 to 1903 the state legislature took control of the city on the grounds of corruption by former Mayor William J. Diehl with the passage of the so-called "ripper bill" and appointed the unelected "recorders" Joseph Brown and Adam Brown who were only answerable to the state government. Since 1903, all mayors have been popularly elected. The current mayor, since January 2014, is Democrat Bill Peduto.

Chief Burgesses (1794–1813)

No. Chief Burgess Term Party Other Service
1 George Robinson 1794–c. 1800 Arrested on orders from President George Washington for rebel activity during the Whiskey Rebellion.
2 John Park 1800–1801
3 Dr. George Stevenson 1801–1802
4 Isaac Craig 1802–1803 Federalist
5 James O'Hara 1803–1804 Federalist Formerly 6th Quartermaster General of the United States Army and Revolutionary War veteran.
6 General Pressley Neville 1804–1805 Revolutionary War veteran.
7 General John Wilkins c. 1805–c. 1812 Formerly 7th and last Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army
8 William Steele 1812–1813

Longest Tenure

  • 14 years, David Lawrence 1946-1959
  • 12 years, Tom Murphy 1994-2006
  • 12 years, Joe Barr 1959-1970
  • 11 years, Richard Caliguiri 1977-1988
  • 11 years, Cornelius Scully 1936-1946
  • 9 years, Luke Ravenstahl 2006-2014
  • 8 years, Pete Flaherty 1970-1977
  • 7 years, Sophie Masloff 1988-1994

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